Payment Options

Pre-authorized Payment Plan 

Take advantage of the Town of Canmore’s auto-debit payment plan.  

Property Taxes

Town of Canmore property tax notices are distributed in late May every year and payment in full is required by the last business day in June to avoid late-payment penalties. 

Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) 

Enrolling in the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) allows you to pay your property taxes in monthly installments by automatic bank withdrawal. There is no additional cost to do this; it is a no-fee, monthly installment plan that allows taxpayers to pay their taxes in equal monthly payments rather than a single annual payment. Debits occur on the 15th of the month, and to qualify for the auto-debit plans, owners must ensure that their tax and utility accounts are paid up to date AND their property taxes are not presently paid through a mortgage company.

The Annual Tax Payment Plan (ATPP) is also available as a one-time debit on the annual due date each year.  Parking stalls are eligible for the ATPP.

*** NOTE: TIPP/ ATPP / Parking application requests are no longer being accepted for the 2024 tax year.  Please be sure to pay your balance in full by June 28.  You may choose to submit an application request for a start in 2025.  These applications will be sent out after July 31.

Click here to request a Property Tax Auto-Debit Payment Plan (Monthly, Annual, or Parking Stall) for the 2025 Tax Year



Town of Canmore utility bills are issued on a bi-monthly (every two months) basis and are due on the 25th of the month or the next business day, as per the due date listed on the invoice.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PUPP)

Enrolling in the Pre-Authorized Utility Payment Plan (PUPP) allows you to pay your utility bills through automatic withdrawals directly from your bank account on the due date. There is no additional cost to do this, it simply helps you to never miss a payment. Your personal information is strictly confidential and secure.

PUPP is not transferable. If you are moving within Canmore you must complete a new PUPP Application for your new property.

Fillable PUPP Application must be received by the 18th of the month.

Online or Telephone Banking 

Make a bill payment online or by phone directly through your financial institution. Do not sent payments through Interac e-transfer.

Property Taxes

Search ‘Canmore’ to register the Town of Canmore Property Tax as a payee via your financial institution. Enter your 5-digit Tax Roll number as the account to credit. The tax roll number is linked to the property; if you have moved within Canmore, the new roll number must be referenced on your bill menu. 


Search ‘Canmore’ to add the Town of Canmore Utilities as a payee via your financial institution. Enter your 9-digit utility account number without the decimal point. The utility account number is linked to the property; if you have moved within Canmore, the new account number must be referenced on your bill menu. 

NOTE: Allow a minimum of three days bank processing time. Be sure to keep your receipt of transaction as proof of payment date. Electronic and telephone payments made on the due date may be date stamped by your bank as the following business day and may be considered past due.

Cheque or Money Order

Make payable to the Town of Canmore. Cheques can be post-dated up to the due date.  Write your tax roll number or your utility account number or your property address on the cheque. Ensure your cheque is signed and completed accurately as the Town Of Canmore is not responsible for errors and/or omissions.  Cheques are a conditional payment until honoured by the bank upon which they are drawn. The effective date of payment is the postmark of the originating country’s postal agency. If the postmark is absent or illegible, the effective date of payment will be the date of receipt by the Town of Canmore. The imprint of a postage meter is not acceptable as proof of the mailing date.


Town of Canmore
902 – 7 Ave., Canmore, AB, T1W 3K1

In Person

By cash, debit, cheque, or money order at the Canmore Civic Centre main reception during regular business hours.  Cheques and money orders can be deposited at any time to the Canmore Civic Centre drop box (to the right hand side of the main doors) at 902 7 Ave., Canmore.  DO NOT send cash by mail or deposit through the drop box.

Payment by Mortgage Company (Taxes Only)

If you pay PIT (principle, interest, and taxes) to a mortgage company, the company gets an invoice for your taxes and you receive the original tax bill for your records. If a financial institution is named under 'TOTAL AMOUNT DUE’ area of your Tax Notice, this indicates that your lender may be intending to pay the current year tax levy on your behalf. It is your responsibility to confirm this with your lender.  If you believe you are paying PIT but the mortgage company name does not appear on the bill, contact your mortgage company immediately. If a mortgage company is named on your bill and this firm is no longer responsible for your tax payment, you are responsible for paying the taxes on or before the due date to avoid penalty.

The Town of Canmore does not accept credit cards as a method of payment for property taxes or utilities.

Payments must be made in Canadian funds only. Other currencies are subject to a processing service charge and exchange rate at the date of deposit. Payments not honoured by the bank will be subject to penalties and service charge.

Receipts for payment will only be issued upon request. Please email your property tax request with your 5-digit tax roll number to or your utilities request with your 9-digit utility account number to