Art Walk in the Woods

Art Walk in the Woods is a temporary outdoor exhibit featuring seven installations from local and regional artists. Each installation reflects the theme of "We Welcome the World," an homage to the Coop FIS and BMW IBU World Cup events at the Canmore Nordic Centre in February and March. 

Start the the art walk anywhere you like! You will find installations in Riverside Park, on the Spur Line Trail, and on the Legacy Trail extension up to the Nordic Centre. Take a look at the artist map below to see where you can expand your mind and imagination as you discover art in unexpected places. 

Are you interested in taking a guided tour of Art Walk in the Woods? Visit our Community Calendar for dates, times, and details. 

Installation of Art Walk in the Woods occurs from Feb. 3 - 7. 

See the magic from Feb. 8 - March 30

Exhibiting Artists

Lesley Russell (Canmore)

Winter Welcomes
Site 1

This installation was created to welcome competitors, coaches, visitors, and the
community to the 2024 Cross-Country and Biathlon World Cups. It is made up of a series of nine unique and wildly oversized snowflakes, each sharing words of welcome in many of the languages of the World Cups’ participating countries.

The snowflakes are displayed just as they would appear under the microscope: beautifully linked together, creating a genuine welcome and symbolizing the coming together of the various nations visiting this beautiful corner of the world.


Michelle Atkinson (Calgary)

Stand Together
Site 2

The strength of the community is one, and the strength of one is the community.

The Swift fox is listed as a threatened species in Alberta, and while rehabilitation efforts have been successful, there is a long way to go as far as living in harmony with nature. This installation is meant to create a cautionary moment of reflection and motivate viewers to act before it is too late. It reminds us to respect and care for the land we live and play on.

One person can make a difference and one person can inspire a community.


Tara Vahab (Calgary)

Circles as Communities
Site 3

This installation was created to align with the theme of “We Welcome the World” as a visual representation of people coming together from different parts of the world for a common purpose.  It is inspired by nature, movement, and collaboration.

In addition to considering planetary movements, the artist plays with the idea of circles as communities and nationalities by using forms and colors seen on the flags of different countries.

The installation is meant to engage the community by welcoming each viewer to take a piece of the work and to leave their own mark on it.


Gordon Wesley (Stoney Nakoda First Nation in Bighorn Kiska Waptan)

Site 4

As viewers come to the trail where this installation stands, the are greeted with
beauty. The bear serves as a reminder that as you walk the trails and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, you must respect the wildlife; you must remember to keep parks protected and beautiful.


Yaz Baxter (Canmore)

Flow State 
Site 5

Finding your flow state through movement and sport.  

This illuminated art installation is shaped by expressive fluid lines wrapped around trees.  It asks viewers to step outside and discover ways to find a sense of joy, calm, or strength, and a way to root themselves in physical movement as they connect in the present moment.


Claudia Weigelsberger (Calgary)

Open Door
Site 6

The golden warmth of a hearth visible through an open door draws viewers close.

A trail through dense bush carved by wildlife provides a way forward.

The quest for gold moves you closer to the finish line.


Lindy Pruitt (Calgary)

Montane Phrontistery
Site 7

This pavilion made from reclaimed construction materials is crowned with the silhouettes of native wildflowers and is cloaked in the colours of winter.  Its form references the laurel crowns of historic Olympians as a celebration of the activities hosted at the Nordic Centre, while offering a visual touchstone of the exquisiteness of the winter climate. This work uses parametric patterns that mimic the elegant repetition found in nature to encourage a feeling of belonging within the space as viewers rest and take in their surroundings.