Higashikawa - Canmore's Sister City

Higashikawa Town is located in central Hokkaido and is a part of Japan's largest national park (Daisetsuzan National Park) with Higashikawa's eastern part forming a large-scale forest.



The tallest mountain, Mount Asahi (2,290m) is situated in the Higashikawa area.  Daisetsuzan National Park was designated as a national park on Dec. 4, 1934. The area is 2,267.64km of which 102.55 km belongs to Higashikawa.



The town is located 13km from Asahikawa city (15mins by car), 7km from Asahikawa airport (8mins by car). Being located in the inland basin of the Kamikawa region, Higashikawa has four distinct seasons. You can enjoy alpine flowers, fresh green vegetation, colorful autumn leaves, and fluffy snow in Asahidake Hot Springs and Tenninkyo Hot Springs.

Higashikawa Information
Population 7,701
Households 3,073
Area 247 km2


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History of Canmore & Higashikawa

  • 1989: Forged the sister-city relationship.

  • 1990: 18 citizens visited Canmore.

  • 1991: Commemorating the exchange, Higashikawa renamed Kitoushi International Skiing Alley to Canmore Ski Village.

  • 1992: 15 junior and senior high school students visited Canmore

  • 1994: Canmore changed the Bow River walking trail's name to Higashikawa Friendship Trail. The members of Hyodokai ice sculptors visited Canmore and taught them the ways of ice sculpting.

  • 1995: 17 citizens and 17 junior and senior high school students visited Canmore.

  • 1998: Public servants exchange.(19 students and 13 citizens visited Canmore commemorating 10th anniversary of the exchange.)

  • 2000: 12 citizens from Canmore visited Higashikawa and " In The Pink", an a cappella group, held a concert.

  • 2001: 18 junior and senior high school students visited Canmore.

  • 2004:  Invited 5 high school students from Canmore and had exchanges with the students of Higashikawa.

  • 2005:  4 people including Mayor Ichiro Matsuoka and Town Council Chairman Kaoru Ishigami visited Canmore.

  • 2006:  Higashikawa Culture Gallery held a photography exhibition of Hisashi Okamoto's and Pam Doyle's was held.

  • 2009: Kori Czuy travels to Higashikawa to take part in a  1 year work/living expeirience

  • 2010: Councillor Jim Ridley makes a side trip for an official visit to Higashikawa during a family vacation in Japan in April.

  • 2010: A delegation of 4 staff from Higashikawa visit Canmore for 2 days in August.

  • 2011: A group of high school students travels to Canmore to study English at the Banff Education School. Canmore Collegiate High School sends photos taken by students involved in their Through the Lens project for a photography exhibit in Higashikawa. Mayor of Canmore sends note expressing concern after tsunami in Japan. 

  • 2013: Mayor of Higashikawa sends note expressing concern about flooding.