Hazard Monitoring

During the high-hazard season, the Town of Canmore monitors the overall risk profile of the community by evaluating wildfire threat, high water levels, and drought/water restrictions. In the table below, you can follow the current status of the significant hazards in the Canmore area, as well as a summary of how those hazards are impacting or interacting with each other. 

Use the information in the table to understand what actions you need to take and how you can keep our community safe.

Current Hazard Summary

Because of cooler temperatures, we are seeing reduced snowmelt. Steep creeks are expected to have normal flows this week, and flows in the Bow River are within historical bounds. Flows in the Bow River will vary with precipitation and melting snowpack. Groundwater levers and reservoir levels for Spray Lakes are below average. There is currently Low Risk for wildfire. 

Trend: Unsettled weather this week with variable cloudiness and a chance of showers most days. There will be up to 20mm of precipitation on Wednesday, which will fall mostly as snow above the tree line.

To learn more about the hazards that the Town of Canmore monitors and what each risk or level means, click on the name of the hazard in the table below. 

Hazard Status (Risk/Level) Action
Fire Low -

Bow River

Normal Conditions


Steep Creeks

Spring Runoff

Drought Dry Voluntary Water Restrictions

Last updated: May 21, 2024 12:30 p.m.

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