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Filming in Canmore

With the exception of news media, any person, organization or company using public land or a venue managed by the Town of Canmore for the purposes of commercial photography or film must obtain both a film permit and a business licence from the Town of Canmore. If strictly filming on private property, only a business licence is needed. 

Permitted Community Events and Wedding Photography on Town Land 

Film and/or photography that are part of a permitted community event, or a wedding that is booked  at a town-managed venue, will have their film permit fee waived; however, a film permit application must still be submitted.  

How do I know if I am filming on public land? 

Public land includes local trails, sidewalks, roadwalks, pathways, green spaces, parks, and recreation areas within town boundaries. 

A temporary film permit is typically issued for projects on a per-day basis.  
Filming that takes place over several days or months will be issued one single permit for the duration of their production. Location fees may apply. 
Fees vary based on size and complexity of production.

Film Permit Application Form

Permit Fees:

Fees are subject to GST.

Photography/Production Crew 

Per Permit (2024)

1-6 people $110

7-15 people


16-30 people


31-99 people


100+ people


Location Fee:  

Location fees will apply on a daily basis to film productions, such as large-scale television or motion picture productions, that take place over several days or months. 

Fees are subject to GST.

Photography/Production Crew 

Per Day (2024)

1-6 people N/A

7-15 people


16-30 people


31-99 people


100+ people


Annual film permits are designed for applicants who frequently shoot in Canmore. An annual film permit is valid until December 31 of the current calendar year.  

Annual film permits are temporary and do not automatically renew. A new application is required each calendar year.  

Eligible Applicants: 

  • Production crew of 1-6 people
  • Digital artists 
  • Graphic design firms 
  • Marketing and communications firms 
  • Professional photographers 
  • Video production companies
  • Tourism agencies 

Key Conditions:

  1. Applicants must submit a Notice of Scheduled Filming for review and approval prior to projects or work throughout the year. 
  2. Projects cannot exceed 8 hours of filming in a single day. 
  3. The issuance of an annual film permit does not permit or include any filming to take place by Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (e.g. drones) 

Fee for 2024: $1,323 pro-rated by $110 monthly, subject to GST


Apply for an Annual Film Permit

Complete a Notice of Scheduled Filming 

An RPAS film permit is required for the operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), including but not limited to, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), quadcopters and drones. 

RPAS operation must be done in a safe manner and follow all regulations set forth by Transport Canada and agencies that govern the land from which these aircraft systems are operated. Before operation, please learn the rules, and note that flights within 1.9 km of Canmore’s two heliports – Alpine Helicopters and the Canmore General Hospital – require an advanced operations pilot certificate.  

Without an RPAS film permit, take-off or landing from Town of Canmore property is subject to penalty per Town of Canmore Bylaw 2019-09 (Parks Bylaw). 

Learn the Rules before you Fly your Drone

Canmore Heliport Aerodromes Map

Film Permit Application Form

Permit Application Requirements

To apply for a film permit, submit the following to the mailing address listed on the application form: 

  1. Film permit application: Your locations must be specific. Include a map with pin-drop with your application, if needed. 
  2. Certificate of insurance: See film permit application for details. 
  3. Canmore business licence: An application form, or a copy of your existing licence. Visit for an application. 
  4. Additional supporting documents, if applicable 

Processing Times for Complete Application Package: 

  • Small-scale film or photo (e.g., portraits): Up to 5 business days 
  • Complex film or photo (e.g., use of RPAS or Town of Canmore resources): 15 business days, minimum 

These timelines do not include statutory holidays, payment, or permit issuance. 

Additional Information

Animals are not to be disturbed or hazed during any filming activity. If large mammals or predatory animals (coyotes, wolves, bears, ungulates) are observed, keep your distance, and postpone the shoot to avoid conflict.  If a predatory animal or any aggressive wildlife, notify Kananaskis Emergency Services at 403-591-7755.  For all public safety emergencies, dial 9-1-1.  

Town of Canmore owns and manages indoor and outdoor public spaces and event venues which can be utilized for a variety of film projects or photoshoots.  

Parks and fields 

Book a venue 

Complex film projects require approval from the Town of Canmore and the Rocky Mountain Heritage Foundation. Approval from the Rocky Mountain Heritage Foundation will be coordinated by the Town of Canmore. Please submit a history of successful productions in public spaces, number of incidentsand information that may strengthen the space request. 

The Rundle Forebay is owned by Alberta Parks and TransAlta, and is not a part of the Town of Canmore.  To obtain permission to use this location, please contact TransAlta at 403-267-3676 and Alberta Parks for licencing requirements. 

The Canmore Nordic Centre is within Alberta Parks (Kananaskis) and not within the Town of Canmore.  If you intend to film at the Nordic Centre, please contact Alberta Parks for licensing requirements. 

Special effects (including but not limited to smoke bombs) are not permitted unless by written approval from the Town of Canmore. 

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