Business Licences

Business Licences

Any business operating within Canmore is required to obtain a business licence regardless of its scale or the duration of its operation. For limited exemptions, please consult the Business Registry Bylaw and the section below on exempt professions.

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  • Licence fees fund programs for our business community.
  • Businesses can opt-in for a complimentary listing on the Town of Canmore’s business directory.
  • Provides a municipal licence which may be required if applying for municipal, provincial, or federal programs
  • Provides a fair environment for all businesses operating within the Town of Canmore.
  • Tracks our community’s economic development and acts as a resource for business planning and economic diversification.
  • Allows the Town of Canmore to work closely with the Government of Alberta to track and regulate operators that pose a risk to residents
  • In collaboration with the Planning Department, a licensed business can ensure that building codes have been adhered to and zoning and other restrictions have been enforced.
  • Canmore-based businesses may be eligible for a Canmore resident parking permit.

Application Process

1. Submit your application by email or regular mail to the address listed on the form.
2. If approved, your application will be processed, and instructions for payment will be sent.
3. Once payment is received, your licence will be in our queue to issue as a PDF via email.

Processing time
: Up to 5 business days based on complete application packages and does not include payment and licence issuance. 

Annual fees: Pro-rated on July 1 and Oct. 1 depending on the start of operation or when an application is received and processed.

Micro-business fee: A Canmore-based business or a Regional licence holder whose business grosses less than $30,000 per year. A declaration is included as part of the application form. If approved, the licence fee is reduced to $32.50 for the year. Supporting documentation may be requested. 

Apply for a Licence

An overview of licence types, fees, and application requirements.

This licence applies to businesses based out of a commercial or industrial property in Canmore. 


Annual: Starting at $130
Micro-business: $32.50

Refer to Schedule A of Bylaw 2015-02 for fees which generally depend on size of property, seats or rooms.

Applications must include:

1.  Application form
2.  Certificate of Incorporation, if applicable
3.  Lease agreement if your business does not own the property
4.  Planning approval: Contact Planning to determine if the nature of your business is permitted at your location/address. Select "Commercial Change of Use" as the subject of your inquiry.
5.  Rental property list if you are a property manager
6.  Taxi drivers licence issued by Municipal Enforcement, if you are a taxi service provider

This licence applies to businesses based out of residential property in Canmore. For example, artisans, freelance workers, contractors, mobile businesses, e-commerce, and other home-based operation.


Annual: $130
Micro-Business: $32.50

Applications must include:

1.  Application form
2.  Certificate of Incorporation, if applicable
3.  Proof of residence: If you are renting, submit a copy of either your driver's licence, or rent agreement. 
4.  Planning approval: If you answer "yes" to any of the application's classification questions, please contact Planning to verify the class of your home occupation.
5. Rental Property list if you are a property manager



A home occupation is defined by two classes, and Planning can help verify which classification of licence your operation falls under.

Class 1:
 No impact on the surrounding neighbourhood and would be undetectable from the street.

Class 2:
 May have some impact on the surrounding neighbourhood by way of noise, dust, customer visitation, deliveries, etc.

This licence applies to businesses based within the Municipal District of Big Horn (Harvie Heights, Exshaw, Dead Man's Flats, Lac Des Arcs), wanting to perform work in Canmore. A Regional business does not extend beyond Canmore's boundaries. 


Annual: $130
Micro-business: $32.50

Applications must include:

1.  Application form
2.  Proof of residence: A copy of your driver's licence or lease agreement.
3.  Rental Property List if you are a property manager.


Our local rates extend to you as per the current inter-municipal services agreement between Town of Canmore and the Municipal District of Bighorn. This inter-municipal agreement is subject to change without notice.

This licence applies to businesses based outside of Canmore, excluding the MD of Big Horn, wanting to perform work within Canmore.


Annual:  $600
6 Month: $300
3 Month: $200
1 Month: $150
1-3 Day: $75

Applications must include:

Application form

This document also includes a property list for rental property managers and a film permit application for photographers and videographers.

This licence applies to businesses that would like to:

1.  Set up a push-cart, wagon, or other mobile unit; stall, booth, table or space for the sale or distribution of services or products. This may be in participation of an event or market, or as a vendor wishing to make use of private or public property. Examples: retail sales and food trucks. 

2.  Perform door-to-door sales or solicitation, whether as principal or agent, and who is not a wholesale or retail dealer in that merchandise or service.

Please read the Vendor Guidelines for details. 


Seasonal: $150
2-3 Days: $50
1-Day: $25

Applications must include:

1.  Application form
2.  Development Permit and Schedule A, if operating on private property. Contact Planning to inquire and apply for a Temporary/Seasonal Development Permit.

Information for Food Trucks:

Town of Canmore does not currently permit food trucks to make use of public property. However, food truck owners may operate in Canmore in the following ways:

Food truck of an existing restaurant on their own property: A Canmore-based restaurant owner may operate a food truck as an extension of their business on their own private commercial property. A Vendor business licence and/or a Temporary/Seasonal Development Permit are not required to operate the food truck in this scenario.

As a vendor on private property: A food truck operator may enter into an agreement with a commercial property owner to operate their food truck, cart or vending kiosk on their private property. 

As a vendor at a special event: Food trucks may directly contact event organizations to inquire about vending opportunities, such as the Canmore Mountain Market.  A Vendor business licence is required if the event is on private property and/or the organizer does not hold a Special Event business licence.  Food trucks may also require a Road Use Permit to make use of parking stalls, and if a private event, signage posted on the vending unit indicating that the food truck is not open to the general public.

To operate a food truck, other requirements exist such as a fire inspection and approvals from Alberta Health Services.

This licence covers all business activity for an event hosted at a Town of Canmore facility, or for which a Community Event Permit is being issued. For example, a wedding, swim meet, convention, or festival.


$75 per day

Applications must include:

Application Form 

Provincial legislation and regulations allow for certain professions to be exempt from municipal licensing. Exempt businesses who want to voluntarily register for a business licence may do so.

Exempt businesses must only provide services within the scope of their professional designation to qualify for the voluntary registration fee.  To determine if you qualify for an exemption to requiring a municipal business licence, consult with your designated professional association or governing Act (e.g. Health Care Professions Act).


Annual: $50 
Micro-Business: $32.50

This annual fee is not pro-rated.

Applications must include:

  1. Application package appropriate to your business type. See the list above for options.
  2. Proof of exemption from your professional association or regulatory body, or source the governing Act applicable to your business with your submission.

Pay and Renew Your Licence

An overview of the steps to take to pay for and renew your licence.

Annual licence holders will receive an invoice within one month prior to their licence expiry. For those with a valid email address on file, the invoice will be sent by email.  Otherwise, the invoice will be sent by regular mail.

Payment options:

1.  Virtual Town Hall: Search by licence number. VISA, MasterCard and participating debit cards are accepted.

2.  Online banking: Setup a new payee by searching for "Canmore" and selecting "Canmore (Town) Business Licence".  This name may vary slightly between banks. Enter your Customer ID when prompted for your account number; refer to your invoice.  We do not accept INTERAC e-transfer.

3.  Over the phone: Call 403-678-1500 ext. 6 to pay using VISA or MasterCard.

4.  In person: The Civic Centre is located at 902-7th Avenue, and open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

5. By Cheque: Using the drop-box located next to the Civic Centre's main doors, or send by mail to Town of Canmore Finance, 902-7th Avenue, Canmore AB  T1W 3K1.

If you are a micro-business, submit in advance your declaration for the upcoming year to ensure a review, approval and fee adjustment can be performed before payment comes out at the end of the month. 

If declaring at the time of renewal, refer to page 2 of your invoice for the declaration, or access it here and submit it by email or mail to the address listed on the form. If approved, your fee will be adjusted and payment options will be sent to you a new. Supporting documentation may be requested.

To simplify your annual licence renewal process, complete the business licence pre-authorization application form and submit with a void cheque to Accounts Receivables by email or mail to the address listed on the application.  

If you are renewing as a micro-business, submit in advance your declaration for the upcoming year to ensure a review, approval and fee adjustment can be performed before payment comes out at the end of the month. 

Account Changes or Cancelling Your Licence

An overview of the steps to take if you make changes to your account or wish to cancel your licence.

To update your account information, or if you are moving or changing ownership, submit a Business Licence Change Request form by email or mail to the address listed on the form for your account to be updated as needed.

If you moving to a storefront or industrial property within Canmore, as new occupants you will require a new fire inspection and occupancy load certificate. It is recommended to do so at minimum 30 days in advance of your anticipated opening date.

If you have closed your business, send notice to or by mail for your licence renewal to be cancelled and your account closed.  Note: Business licence fees are non-refundable as per Bylaw 2015-02.

Contact and we will work with you to reactivate or obtain a new licence.

Bylaw Compliance

Business owners are responsible for operating in compliance with the Business Registry Bylaw and other related bylaws.

Any person who contravenes the provisions of the Business Registry Bylaw shall be liable for a penalty of up to $1,000 plus the applicable licence fee.  Any person who unlawfully completes the statutory declaration of a micro-business shall be liable for a minimum penalty of $1,500 plus the applicable licence fee.


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