BnBs and Short Term Rentals

Bed & Breakfast License

This license applies to businesses operated by the resident of a single detached dwelling in Canmore. Bed and Breakfast establishments can provide accommodation for periods of 14 days or less with one meal provided on a daily basis to guests.  

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Annual: $130
Micro-Business: $32.50

Applications must include:

1. Application form
2. Development Permit and Schedule A from Planning

Do You Qualify for Micro-Business Status?

Canmore-based businesses or those who hold a regional license and earn less than $30,000 in annual gross revenue may qualify for micro-business status. If approved, their license fee is reduced to $32.50 for the year. A declaration is included as part of the application form. If approved, the license fee is reduced to $32.50 for the year. Supporting documentation may be requested. 

Short-Term Rentals

Information for Short-Term Rental Owners and Property Managers

Who needs a license?

Property managers, whether an individual property owner or formal business, that manage one or more short-term rental properties within Canmore require a business license.  If the property owner has hired at third party property manager, the third party requires a business license and the property owner does not. One business license is intended to cover all managed properties.

Part of a rental pool?

The building's property manager should have a business license to cover all properties within the rental pool.  

To apply for a business license, submit an application package for a license that best suits the location of your business. For example, if you manage your rentals from the comfort of your home/office in Edmonton, apply for a Non-Resident license.  

Learn more about short-term rentals.

Need to add a property to your account? Submit a property list.  Please only list new properties to be added to your business license account. 

Requirements outside of the jurisdiction of the Town of Canmore:

1. Collecting and remitting the Alberta Tourism Levy. Visit for information
2. Collecting and remitting GST. Visit Canada Revenue Agency for information
3. Inspection and cleaning of hot tubs, where applicable.  Contact Environmental Public Health (Calgary Zone).