Climbing Gym

Forget You're Indoors!

Our climbing gym is like no other. Designed by the world renowned climbing company Walltopia, our interior will make you forget you’re indoors due to the natural light and open spaces. Our training area has been designed so you can make the most of your climbing experience. Whether you are a beginner or training for international competition, you will love our wall!

If you have never climbed before, our staff will show you where and how to start your vertical adventures – It’s great family fun for ages 4 years and older! Climbers under 13 years old require adult supervision (one adult to a maximum of 3 climbers under 13) at all times in the climbing wall. 

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Waivers and Acknowledgement of Risk

Climbers must sign a Waiver (over age 18) or Acknowledgement of Risk (under age 18) before arriving at the climbing gym. Adults must provide photo ID for their first visit.


  • 1,000 square meters (11,000 sqr ft) of climbing surface as high as 15 m (45′) at its peak
  • Varied terrain with over 100 colour-coded climbs for climbers of all abilities
  • Over 40 climbing lines for top roping or lead climbing
  • Seven automatic belay systems that require minimal training or experience
  • Extensive bouldering terrain
  • Equipment rentals for indoor climbing
  • Liquid chalk dispensers

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Equipment and Testing 


Member Price

Climbing Package (shoes, harness, and belay device) $10 + GST $6 + GST
Climbing Shoes $6 + GST $3 + GST
Harness $6 + GST $3 + GST
Belay Device $3 + GST $1.50 + GST
Top Rope Test* $7 + GST Included in Membership
Lead Climbing Test** $12 + GST Included in Membership 

*A Top Rope Belay Test is required for a belayer.
Note: The Top Rope Belay Test is not a training course. Current skills and recent experience are required.

**A Lead Belay Test is required for both the climber and the belayer.
Note: The Lead Belay Test is not a training course. Current skills and recent experience are required. 

Group Bookings

Youth groups (school groups, sports teams, youth organizations, clubs, and birthday parties) require a booking with an instructor to use the wall to provide group risk management, ensure adequate staffing and to reserve wall space in our instructional/experiential climbing area.

To ensure access to the wall for our members and other drop-ins, we minimize the number of groups in a period of time.

Our programs provide the best group climbing experience!

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