Walking Lane

The walking lane is open from Oct.1 to April 30. Please note the schedule is subject to change. View Walking Lane Hours.

There is no charge for admission. Participants must have a pass and a completed waiver prior to access.

Complete Waiver



  • Canmore Recreation Centre



In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Check-in and scan your pass at the Customer Experience Desk upon arrival.

  • This is a shared space, please wait until scheduled time to start walking.

  • Indoor shoes only – outdoor shoes must be left outside of the gym.

  • The track is designed for walking and not suitable for running.

  • No food consumption.

  • Gymnastic equipment is strictly off limits.

  • The walking lane is monitored by cameras.

  • Indoor walking opportunities are unsupervised and at your own risk, please consider walking with others.  



  • 1 lap = 117 metres or 384 feet
  • 1 km = 9 laps
  • 1 mile = 13 laps