Three Sisters Mountain Village Area Structure Plans

In May of 2022, the Land and Property Rights Tribunal (LPRT) ordered the Town of Canmore to adopt the Three Sisters Village and Smith Creek Area Structure Plans (the ASPs) as originally submitted to Council in 2021.

The Town appealed these decisions of the LPRT the Court of Appeal of Alberta.  In October of 2023, the Court of Appeal dismissed the Town’s appeal and upheld the LPRT Decisions. Following that Court decision, Town Council adopted the two ASPs as ordered.

What You Need to Know

On Dec. 12, 2023, Three Sisters Mountain Village submitted an application for a Conceptual Scheme and an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw related to the approved Three Sisters Village ASP. After formal review, these applications are expected to come before Council for approval in spring 2024.  

According to the Municipal Government Act, the Town must adopt Land Use Bylaw amendments and statutory plans that are consistent with the 1992 NRCB Decision. The requirement to hold public hearings that you may be familiar with for typical Land Use amendments do not apply to these applications.  In this specific situation, there will not be a public hearing. There is no requirement for a public hearing on a Conceptual Scheme.

While members of our community may have different perspectives on Three Sisters lands, the decision about whether development should happen on these lands has been settled through a history of legal proceedings.

Future stages of development on Three Sisters lands may include public input, however, there is no opportunity for public input at this point in the application process.

Any future public hearings on applications to which section 619 of the Municipal Government Act applies will be limited in scope to whether amendments are needed, and to matters not decided by the NRCB.

The Development Application Process

Learn More About Specific Applications

In the coming months and years, we expect that the developer(s) will submit subdivision applications followed by individual development and building permit applications. This process will occur over several years.

Learn more about all current development applications related to Three Sisters lands


For More Information

  • For questions about the approval process, contact us by filling out our Planning Inquiry Form. Be sure to mention ‘Three Sisters Village Phase 1 Application’ in your submission. 
  • Learn more about Three Sisters Mountain Village.
  • Online Information Session | April 4, 2024 | 7:00-8:30 p.m. | The developper is hosting an online information session on April 4, 2024. They will provide an overview of their application and the amenities planned for Phase 1 of Three Sisters Village. Register for the session at 


Three Sisters Village Area Structure Plan

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