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The Town of Canmore has a new online portal for select permit and service applications.

See below for a list of permit types, and the appropriate submission method:

List of Permit Types and Submission Methods

Stamps of Compliance

Online Portal

Confirmation of Zoning

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File Search Request

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Environmental Search Request

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Pre-Application Review


Certificate of Conformance (change of use and signage)


Subdivision and Condominium Endorsement


Land Use Bylaw Amendment


A pre-application meeting is intended to provide preliminary guidance to an applicant regarding Town of Canmore expectations for a specific project, prior to an applicant making significant investments  of time and resources in a proposal.

A pre-application meeting is an opportunity for the Town of Canmore to:

  • provide a high-level review of a development proposal for a particular site;
  • identify any major issues with a proposal;
  • identify any site constraints or requirements associated with a site;
  • identify supplemental technical information and reports that will be required to accompany a formal application submission;
  • answer any specific technical questions an applicant may have

Pre-application meetings are required for all major, complex or controversial development permit, land use amendment, subdivision, area structure or area redevelopment plan applications. Pre-application meetings are optional for small scale developments.

Pre-application meetings which only require consultation with the Planning and Development department will be charged an hourly rate. 

Pre-application meetings requiring consultation with multiple Town of Canmore departments will be charged a flat fee.

Forms and Requirements

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The following documents and the applicable fee(s) are required for a complete application.

Apply Now

To submit your pre-application, please email your complete application and the required information outlined in the applicable requirements list to planning@canmore.ca

*NEW* This application must now be submitted via our new online permit portal

  • Processing time for documents related to a property file search is 14 business days. Requests will not be accepted without approval from either the homeowner or written approval from the Condominium Board (if applicable). If you are requesting blueprints to a duplex, the owner of the second unit is required.
  • Currently, we are only able to offer scanned to PDF copies.
  • The Town of Canmore does not accept requests for copies of Real Property Reports on file, please contact a land surveyor to obtain this information.

*NEW* Environmental Search Requests must now be submitted via our new online permit portal. We will no longer accept PDF applications. All other building and development permits and planning service applications will continue to be submitted by email unless otherwise listed at Planning@canmore.ca

A Certificate of Conformance is required for all commercial and industrial businesses that would like to change the use of an existing commercial or industrial space to a permitted use within the applicable land use district.

A Certificate of Conformance can only be issued when there are no variances to the Land Use Bylaw required to accommodate the change of use.

If the proposed change of use requires a variance to the Land Use Bylaw (LUB), a Change of Use Development Permit is required instead of a Certificate of Conformance. 

To request a Certificate of Conformance, please complete the application form and submit it with the Certificate of Conformance Checklist to planning@canmore.ca

*NEW* This application must now be submitted via our new online permit portal. 

A Confirmation of Zoning is a formal letter indicating the land use district a property is located in and the associated land-use regulations.  Upon request, the letter can include confirmation of the current approved use(s) for the site in question. 

Confirmation of Zoning is frequently required by financial institutions to finance a mortgage. 

You can always find out the Zoning of a property by using the Town’s Online Property Viewer.

  • Visit the Online Property Viewer page

  • On the “Layer List” found on the right of your screen, click “Land Use Districts”

  • Type the address of the property in the search bar at the top

  • The red letters within the thick black boundary surrounding the property, is the Land Use District*

* You may have to Zoom Out by clicking the minus sign beside the search bar to see the applicable Land Use District

There are three major types of Subdivisions: Fee Simple, Bareland Condominium and Building Condominium. All subdivision application types are approved administratively. 

Please see the section titled Subdivision of Land in the Land Use Bylaw as well as the Guidelines for Subdivision and Development in Mountainous Terrain for more information.

Forms and RequirementsIMPORTANT NOTICE: The following documents and the applicable fee(s) are required for a complete application.

Apply Now

To submit your Subdivision Application, please email your application and the required information outlined in the applicable application requirements list to planning@canmore.ca  

Note: The Town of Canmore requires that applications be submitted digitally. For application submissions that exceed 20MB, email planning@canmore.ca in advance of submitting your application. You will be provided with a file share link to upload your application submission. Please do not submit files using Dropbox.

*NEW* This application must now be submitted via our new online permit portal. 

A Stamp of Compliance is confirmation that a Real Property Report (RPR) submitted for a specific property is compliant with the land use regulations of the applicable land use district and that all construction on site was completed under a valid permit. A Stamp of Compliance is frequently requested by lending institutions or purchasers before the transfer of property.

Please note, if there are non-compliant structures identified or structures that have not been issued a permit on your RPR, the Town will not issue a stamp of compliance. 

If these issues have been identified on your RPR, you will be required to bring your property into compliance either through application for the appropriate Development/Building Permit(s) or demolition of the non-compliant structure(s). Be prepared for delays of up to 6+ weeks if you required to do so.

Land Use Bylaw Amendments are required to modify any of the regulations set out in the Land Use Bylaw. Frequently Land Use Bylaw Amendments are requested to change the current zoning of a parcel.

If you wish to request a Land Use Bylaw Amendment, complete the Land Use Bylaw Amendment application and submit it with the appropriate application fee and required documents. The fees for a Land Use Bylaw amendment can be found below.

As part of the application process for a Land Use Bylaw Amendment, an applicant is required to have a Sustainability Screening Report that has been accepted by Council. It is strongly recommended to schedule a Pre-Application Consultation with the Planning & Development Department before submitting a Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application 

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