Mayor's Volunteer Celebration

The Mayor's Volunteer Celebration is an opportunity to recognize and thank individuals or groups of hard-working volunteers for all that they give to our community. It acknowledges those people who are so important to the success of community fundraising efforts, programs, and activities, sporting events, organizations, and/or teams. 

The 34th annual Mayor's Volunteer Celebration is on Dec. 5, 2023.


Nominations can be submitted beginning June 1, 2023. Show a community volunteer your appreciation by nominating them for a Mayor’s Volunteer Celebration award. This is your opportunity to recognize and thank the hard-working volunteers who are so important to the success of your sporting event, team, fundraising efforts, or program. Nominations will be accepted until Nov. 5, 2023. 

Nominate Here


Criteria for Nomination:

  • Nominees must have given freely of themselves/their organization and have made outstanding contributions in a volunteer capacity
  • Volunteerism should have a positive and lasting impact
  • Nominees will exhibit dedication and inspire the spirit of volunteerism in others

Objectives of the Celebration:

  • To recognize outstanding volunteer contributions within the community
  • To foster volunteer spirit in our community by recognizing excellence in volunteerism
  • To promote volunteerism as a contributing factor to personal wellbeing and the quality of life in the community
  • To appreciate that the leadership qualities of volunteers inspire others in our community both now and in the future

Include as much information as you can in your nomination about the volunteer you are nominating. What are their special talents? What makes them an exceptional volunteer? What have they contributed to our community through their volunteer efforts?

All nominees will be celebrated as an in-person event with drinks, food, and mingling. The Mayor takes the time to recognize each volunteer's strengths, contributions, and achievements. Those who have attended in the past will tell you it is a wonderful opportunity to experience the depth and breadth of volunteers who make our community great! Each volunteer receives a certificate of appreciation and a small gift. Both Nominees and Nominators are invited to the event.

Please call Family and Community Support Services at 403.609.3743 or email

Past Recipients

Have someone in mind you would like to nominate? Check out our list of past winners below.


  • Michael Hay
  • Tannia Burelo
  • Stan Williams
  • John Goulart
  • Karen Hanna
  • Monique Ceresney
  • Dale Mcintosh
  • Joan Kolubinski
  • Natalie Kelly
  • Marlene (Marley) Scheel
  • Maria Lau
  • Jay Donnelly
  • Norm Dreger
  • Dr Catharine Hinds
  • Blair Dunbar
  • Rhiannon Hughes
  • Moya Kelly
  • Jim Millard
  • Ann Kerwin
  • Wendy Campbell
  • Donna Bradley


  • Bow Valley Green Energy Co-operative Board of Directors
  • Bow Valley Line Dance -Faye Forbes-Anderson and Deb Mayberry
  • Bow Valley Refugee Project, Executive Committee
  • Canmore Hospital Gardeners
  • Canmore Nordic Center Snow Hosts
  • Volunteer Wildlife Ambassadors


  • Maureen Nichols
  • Rhiannon Hughes
  • Karsten Heuer
  • Sharla Hanna
  • Tamara Ross
  • Marjory Sword
  • Patrick Parno
  • Kevin McCormick
  • Stephanie Kucharski
  • Betty Walton
  • Bonnie Maveal
  • Christine Squires
  • Claire Goldberg
  • Gail Deagan
  • Lenora Connelly
  • Leslie Lewis
  • Marion Whitworth
  • Maureen Martel
  • Pat Grayling
  • Sonja Grondinger
  • Susan Suttie
  • Dale McIntosh
  • Pius Rolheiser
  • Cathy Jones
  • Martin Tweeddale
  • Barbara Price
  • Karen Booth
  • Faye Forbes-Anderson
  • Helen Read
  • Jan Tissandier
  • Janice Simpson
  • Judy Archer
  • Marion Schaffer
  • Susan Dorion
  • Denise Dignum
  • Val Knowlden
  • Cathy Harrop
  • Marie-Pierre Chappeland
  • Joan Voyce
  • Jackie Baker
  • Judith Maxwell
  • Lynn Katarey
  • Karen James
  • Isabelle Ramsay
  • Lynn Craig
  • Shannon Mang
  • Gloria Phillips
  • Susan Minifiė
  • Susan Palidis
  • Jim Smith
  • Grace Smith



  • Creative Combat Committee
  • Bow Valley Engage
  • Bow Valley Immigrant Advisory Group
  • Bow Valley SPCA


  • Pranavi Thota (recipient)
  • Vibhuti Mavai (recipient)
  • Julianne Gaya
  • Sue Shellian-Frey (recipient)
  • Conrad Habing
  • Jan Tissandier
  • Carol Agar
  • Vern Roth
  • Ruth Kerr
  • Paul and Bridget Fearing
  • Dianne Deans
  • Kate Teigrob
  • Caylee LaBranche
  • Sue Shellian-Frey
  • Javan Mukhtarov
  • Kirsten Kaarsoo


  • Save On Foods
  • Origin at Spring Creek  (recipient)
  • Canmore Eagles
  • Compassionate Companions
  • Canmore Young Adult Network
  • Bow Valley SPCA (recipient)
  • Bow Valley Christmas Spirit Campaign
  • CCHS Green Club (recipient)
  • Dave Ouellette (recipient)
  • Garry Oke


  • Jennifer Booth
  • Bridget Messier (recipient)
  • Reegan Downer
  • Brian McClure (recipient)
  • Carol Picard (recipient)
  • Dick Kemper
  • Christine de Soto
  • Bruce Knowlden
  • Suzanne Brouilette
  • Dorothy Ford
  • Robert Hudson
  • Shaun Lowry
  • Paul Fearing
  • Bridget Fearing
  • Mikael McEachen
  • Leslie Lewis



  • Canmore Eagles Hockey Players
  • Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours
  • Spring Creek Mountain Village
  • Save On Foods
  • Rocky Mountain Adaptive
  • Cycling Without Age
  • Crossway Community Thrift
  • Canmore Hospital Ladies Auxiliary  (recipient)
  • Canmore Food Recovery Barn  (recipient)
  • The Green Team