Development Permit Information & Application

Development Permits

A development permit is needed for most new construction, or any time there is a change in the way land is used or the intensity of use. 

Obtaining a development permit provides assurance that your development is following the Land Use Bylaw. Construction must commence on the development within one year of the date of approval.

Online Permit and Service Portal

The Town of Canmore has a new online portal for select permit and service applications. See below for a list of permit types, and appropriate submission method.

List of Permit Types and Submission Methods

Small Development - New Detached Dwellings

Online Portal

Small Development - Duplex Dwellings, Renovations, Additions, Alterations, Accessory Buildings

Intermediate - Large Developments (New Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Buildings)

Online Portal

Intermediate - Large Developments (New Multi-Residential Buildings, Renovations, Additions, Alterations, Accessory Buildings)

Bed and Breakfast Application (including renewals)

Home Occupation (including renewals)

Change of Use (commercial and Tourist Home)

Temporary Seasonal Business

Grading, Excavation and Logging

Cooking Oil Enclosure


For applications accepted on the Online Portal, please submit all application documents via the online portal. For all other applications, email a completed Development Permit Application Form and the required information outlined in the applicable application requirements list to

For application submissions that exceed 20MB, email in advance of submitting your application. You will be provided with a file share link to upload your application submission. Please do not submit files using Dropbox.

Development Permit Process

Step One: Pre-Application meetings are required for all major developments and are optional for small developments. You can look to our Other Services page here for more information.

Step Two: Development Permit submitted via Online Portal (for select permits) or via email to

Step Three: Applicant contacted to make permit fee payment

Step Four: Initial review of the application by Development Officer

Step Five: Notice of Permit Application Posted (10 days) 

  • You will be required to post a notice of permit application in a visible spot to inform neighbours and any affected parties of your application. 

Step Six: Final review by Development Officer

Step Seven: Notice of Decision posted (21 day appeal period)

  • Once a decision has been made, you will be required to post a notice of decision in a visible spot to inform neighbours and any affected parties that the proposed development has been approved. If no appeals to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board clerk are received during this time, the DP can be issued.

Step Eight: Permit issued

  • Construction must start on the development within one year of the date of approval

Fee Schedule

Access Fee Schedule

Apply Now

Development Permit Applications – Submit Application Online – NEW!

  • New detached dwellings development permits not including renovations or additions
  • New non-residential development permits (commercial, industrial, institutional, and mixed-use residential/commercial) not including renovations, additions, change of use, or signage

Development Permit Applications – Submit Application by Email

  • Small Development – Duplex Dwellings, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), Building Additions
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Home Occupation (new and renewal)
  • Temporary Seasonal Business
  • Change of Use
  • Grading, Excavation and Logging
  • Cooking Oil Enclosure

PDF Forms for Email Applications

Failure to submit this form will result in your application not being processed.

Effective Aug. 1, 2023, all development permits that are required to post notice of application and/or notice of decision must follow the sign size and placement guidelines in the Development Permit Signage Guidelines.

Not sure if you require a sign? Your File Manager will let you know when they process your application. 

As per the requirements of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), the Development Authority is required to issue an acknowledgement on the completeness of a Development Permit application within 20 days of its receipt; unless an agreement has been entered into with the applicant to extend this period.

Once your application has been deemed complete, the Town of Canmore will issue a decision on your Development Permit application within 40 days; unless an agreement has been entered into with the applicant to extend this period. Once the statutory 21-day appeal window has passed and no appeals received, your development permit will be issued to you.

When do I need a Development Permit?
For an in-depth list of development that requires a Development Permit please see Section 1.8 - Development Permits Required in the Land Use Bylaw 

When is a Development Permit not required? 
For an in-depth list of development that does not require a Development Permit please see Section 1.9 - Development Permits Not Required in the Land Use Bylaw

What is the cost for a Development Permit?
The cost for a Development Permit can be determined by referencing the fee schedule, which can be found lower on this page.

Who is the Development Authority for approving a Development Permit?
The Development Authority (decision maker) for a permit depends on the type and scale of the application. The three development authorities in Canmore are Development Officers, the Canmore Planning Commission, and Town Council. In most cases, the Development Officers are the Development Authority.  In some cases, development permit applications are presented to the Canmore Planning Commission for a decision at the discretion of the Development Officer.

What happens if my Development Permit is appealed during the 21 day advertising period?
If a development permit decisions is appealed within the 21 days of advertising the Notice of Decision, the application decision must then be reviewed by the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board within 30 days of the Town receiving the appeal.

How close to the property line can we build?
This depends on your land use district, and on any other setbacks which need to be taken into account for your property.  First, find out how your property is zoned by looking at the Land Use Bylaw and searching for "Land Use District Maps." Then search for your zoning in either Residential Land Use Districts, Commercial Land Use Districts, Industrial Land Use Districts, or Direct Control Districts to read more about the required setback for your type of property.

Online Permit Portal Tips

  • Before you can submit an application online, you must create an online portal account. 
  • We are only processing select application types via the online portal. Review the information above to ensure that you are submit your application  using the right channel. Continue to submit all other applicationsvia email to 
  • You will only be able to see new Portal applications. Any previous or active applications will not be visible online. 
  • Prepare your required documents separated in individual files, as you will be required to upload them individually. 
  • You have 20 mins of inactivity for each section of the online application before it times out. 
  • Save your progress often, as we do not have the ability to retrieve any information that may have been entered prior to timing out.  
  • Check your spam/junk mail for emails from (donotreply – it will include your name, permit number, and further instructions) 
  • Check your Portal account for regular updates. 
  • If applications are submitted via the Portal, all subsequent documents and correspondence will come through the Portal so you have everything you need in one place.
  • All issued documents will be available through the online portal via the “Docs and Images” section of your account. We will not email them to you seperately. 
  • We will not retain any payment related information you use to pay your application fees. It will need to be re-entered for each new application.
  • Payment will be required before your application is submitted for review.  
  • We can only accept payments of up to $150,000. Payments that exceed that amount will require a cheque.  
  • If we don't receive your payment within 7 business days, your application will be cancelled. 

If you encounter issues with the Portal, submit an online inquiry. Select CityView Portal Help from the top of the list.

Contact Us

If you have further questions, please submit them to the Planning & Development Department using the following form.

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Public Notices for Development Approvals

The Public Notices listed here are related to Developments Permits that have have had decisions rendered by the Town of Canmore. These will be posted for the entire 21 day statutory appeal period. It is important to note that the decision is not final until the expiry of the appeal period and may be appealed to the relevant appeal board.