Child and Youth

Programs and support for children and youth are offered by Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), the Family Connection Centre, and the Bow Valley Family Resource Network (FRN).

Supports range from prevention and early intervention services, while programming focuses on building connections between children, youth, and teens, and their families and community.


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Additional programming for Bow Valley residents is available through the Family Resource Network in Banff

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Youth Council

The Youth Council is designed to connect youth ages 15 - 18 with other youth and their social and civic communities. Working with Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), the Youth Council supports youth-led community events and programs, and volunteer groups. The council also functions to provide a youth perspective to the Town of Canmore, community groups, and organizations when they seek a broad range of voices and perspectives in decision-making processes.

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Who gets to be part of the Youth Council?

The council is made up of 8 - 12 individuals, ranging in ages from 15 - 18-years-old. The council is inclusive and made accessible to all youth, including those who may be marginalized such as English as a second language learners, new Canadians, LGBTQ2+, and youth who may not be enrolled in a private or public school.

Those interested in joining the Youth Council are asked to complete an application and to go through an interview process to ensure a balance and breadth of membership. 


Who leads the Youth Council?

The council is primarily youth-driven to allow members the opportunity to develop autonomy and to expand on leadership- and decision-making skills. To support youth leadership, an adult advisor from Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) sets the guidelines and expectations for the council, and guides members in skill development and healthy civic engagement, while simultaneously acting as a liaison between the community and youth. 

Members of the council will discuss and determine the official structure of their meetings, as well as determining meeting frequency, locations, times, and agendas. 

Community agencies, Town of Canmore departments, and local businesses are encouraged to engage with the council as an ally, partner, mentor, and/or advisor. 


What are the expectations of those involved with the Youth Council?

Of the Youth Council:

  • To participate and remain engaged in the Youth Council
  • To thoughtfully and professionally share feedback, ideas, and opinions when consulted
  • To understand that the Town of Canmore, organizations, businesses, and community partners are not obligated, although encouraged, to connect with the Youth Council, and that the youth council is not part of a formal engagement process
  • To actively participate in community events, partnerships, and initiatives
  • To volunteer and contribute to the overall success of the community


  • To support youth with creating and hosting community events
  • To discuss with youth current community events and share opportunities to appropriately engage
  • To support youth with connecting with community in meaningful and respectful ways

Of Community Organizations/business/groups who chose to connect with the Youth Council:

  • To engage the Youth Council in meaningful ways
  • To respectfully hear and consider Youth Council’s perspectives
  • To provide additional context, if needed, to support youth with developing a robust understanding of the organization


Individual Support

A Family Support Worker is available to meet individually with families with children 0-18 to identify needs, develop goals and build family capacity. The Family Support Worker provides prevention and early intervention supports and services to families for needs such as (but not limited to):

  • Child development, toddler and pre-school sleep support, safety planning, establishing routines, sibling challenges, and behaviour management (0-6 years)
  • Fostering independence, behaviour management, life skills, screen time, emotional regulation, social skills, safety planning, and sibling challenges (7-13 years)
  •  Healthy relationships, budgeting, boundary setting, coping skills, safety planning, sibling challenges, and behaviour management (14-18 years)

This service is available to all Bow Valley families either virtually or in person. There is no charge for this service. Email or call 403.678.2529 to book your appointment.


Developmental Screening

Curious about your child’s development? Check up on their development by completing these free online Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ and ASQ-SE). These questionnaires focus on:

  • communication, 
  • gross and fine motor skills,
  • problem-solving,
  • personal and social skills and 
  • social/emotional development 

Once completed, a trained professional reviews the questionnaire and will provide activities to enhance development and/or make referrals to community agencies, if necessary.

This service is free and available to all families in the Bow Valley with children 0-5. To access the online questionnaire, click here. If you require a paper copy visit your local Family Resource Network.


Separation and Divorce Support for Children

Rainbows is a free program designed to provide support and camaraderie for all children and youth (K-12) who are experiencing separation/divorce. The program is delivered by a trained facilitator whose goal is to assist children and youth in expressing and understanding their feelings, accepting what has happened, and to help them experience a sense of belonging. This group can be valuable even if you are not currently seeing a shift in your child’s emotions or behaviour.  To obtain more information about the Rainbows Program or for the consent form, please contact the Rainbows Program Coordinator by phone at 403.678.2529 or by email.


Child Minding

The Town of Canmore offers child minding services for children ages 6-months- to 7-years-old when a caregiver is using our Elevation Place facilities and/or programs.

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