Community Conversations

Community Conversations are an opportunity to have conversation grounded in sharing and learning as opposed to debating or convincing. These conversations are an opportunity to connect with others in your community and hear different perspectives. Community Conversations participants gather around a meal followed by facilitated small group discussion. We are committed to making Community Conversations a safe, respectful, and inclusive space for all. 

May is Sexual Violence Awareness Month in Alberta. This month, let's challenge norms and break down barriers. Inspired by the film Boys will be Themselves... If We Let Them, our next Community Conversation invites you to an open discussion on healthy masculinities and what it means to be a man in today's world.

Our hope? To create safety and belonging for all gender expressions. Join us as we spark a rich conversation aimed at creating a more informed, empathetic, and supportive Bow Valley working toward a future free from sexual violence.

All are welcome to attend this community conversation, regardless of ability, race, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, religion, nationality, age, ethnicity, or language. 

Community Conversations is designed so that each person feels safe and empowerd, and valued and respected for their contributions. 

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