Living Near Wildlife

To report a bear, cougar or an aggressive elk

If you wish to report a bear, cougar or an aggressive elk please call 403-591-7755

Bow Valley Wildlife

Canmore and the surrounding area contain several wildlife corridors. These corridors are important habitat for many wildlife species, including bear, cougar, elk and big horn sheep. DO NOT approach wildlife. Keep your distance, for your safety and theirs.

For more information on these species, what to do if you encounter them and the wildlife corridors, please follow the links below:

Bow Valley Wildsmart

Wildlife Corridors in the Southern Canmore Region

Bow Valley Weekly Bear Summary

Human - Wildlife Coexistence

There is concern among residents, elected officials, and wildlife managers that growth and development in the Bow Valley is leading to more frequent encounters between humans and wildlife.

Reducing the risk to both humans and wildlife requires collaboration between various levels of government, wildlife behaviour experts, and the people that reside in and use the Bow Valley for recreation. No single agency or individual can solve this issue alone.

Throughout the Fall of 2017, Canmore Mayor John Borrowman, Banff Mayor Karen Sorensen, and Banff Cochrane MLA Cameron Westhead brought representatives together from area municipalities, Parks Canada, and the Government of Alberta to form a Roundtable on Human Wildlife Coexistence to focus on processes and options to reduce human-wildlife conflict in the Bow Valley.

On May 31, 2018, the technical working group of stakeholders and subject matter experts released their report. 

Human Wildlife Coexistence Bow Valley Report

The Human-Wildlife Coexistence (HWC) Technical Report is being used by the management organizations in the Bow Valley as a guide to enhance human-wildlife coexistence. Read the highlights the work and activities completed up to March 2019.

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With collaboration among our partners and stakeholders, the Town of Canmore believes we can: reduce food sources close to areas where there is high human use, implement and enforce temporary area closures when wildlife is present, work together to address issues when wildlife crosses jurisdictional boundaries, increase effectiveness of public education, and designate and enforce areas where wildlife habitat is the primary land use.

2019 Wildlife Attractant Management Plan