Help us create a vibrant downtown for decades to come

We are developing an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for Canmore’s Downtown to support the continued evolution and long-term vibrancy of the Town’s core. As we develop the plan, there is an opportunity for the public to shape the future experience of the area – how people travel, gather, and interact with our Town Centre.

A Plan for The Future of Our Downtown Area

An ARP lays out a comprehensive vision supported by a land use concept, a public realm plan, and a set of supporting development policies that will work in unison over the next 25 years to the year 2050.

The project's name, Connect Downtown: Planning a Vibrant Town Centre, reflects the intent of the plan: to reimagine how people can access, gather, and interact with a network of public spaces to support a thriving mixed-use area over the long term.

Get Involved

  • We are seeking to understand public aspirations and concerns about the future vibrancy of the Downtown area.
  • Public input will be considered and reflected in the final Downtown Area Restructure Plan (ARP) that Council will approve in 2025.

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Be Part of Our Climate Emergency Response

With a strong tradition of environmental leadership, we are taking decisive action to address climate change and to prepare our community for a sustainable future.

We are developing a Climate Emergency Action Plan to guide the Town of Canmore’s response to climate change, which will include approaches to climate change mitigation and strategies to address vulnerabilities to climate hazards and build resilience to impacts.

The Climate Emergency Action Plan will serve as a 6 to 10-year guiding document to empower the Town to take actions that will best serve the community while also preparing for and reducing the impacts of climate change. The plan will have a strong socio-economic approach, with an aim for climate action to create a healthier, more equitable, resilient, and livable community.

The Climate Emergency Action Plan will be presented to Town Council in early 2024.  

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Coexistence with wildlife takes thoughtful, collaborative planning

Making Our Community Safer for People and Wildlife

Living in the Bow Valley means we need to take extra care to keep wildlife alive and our human communities safe. We are doing our part as a municipality by taking leadership to develop an Implementation and Action Plan to provide a roadmap to improve Human-Wildlife Coexistence in our community.

In the development of this plan, we will review recent wildlife and human-wildlife conflict data and literature, work with technical experts, and engage the public to gather perspectives on actions the Town could take to improve human-wildlife coexistence.

Our Implementation and Action Plan will include:

  • A prioritized list of actions and recommendations, and
  • Recommendations on how to create support across agencies to best manage wildlife and human use in Canmore.

To make an effective plan, we are looking for public input to inform policy and management recommendations.

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The Palliser Trail Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a framework to guide future change and growth in the Palliser Trail area. 

Project Information 

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a high-level land use plan that provides a framework for future development in a specific area. It identifies a high-level future vision for the area and provides a conceptual layout for general land uses, utility infrastructure, roads, public spaces and recreation.

We reviewed the current Palliser Trail ASP to ensure it remains relevant and to identify opportunities for improvement. Updated policy was informed by four key goals:

  • Prioritize the development of diverse, affordable, and attainable housing.
  • Encourage the creation of a complete, mixed-use, and walkable neighbourhood.
  • Create new opportunities on Town of Canmore and Canmore Community Housing (CCH) lands.
  • Align the Area Structure Plan with current Town, Council, and community priorities

Project Update - Nov. 7, 2023

Council gave their blessing to the Palliser Trail ASP - a monumental plan led by the Town of Canmore to create a complete, walkable, mixed-use, and sustainable community capable of offering up to 1,000 non-market units that can meet the needs of residents. 

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