Canmore Library Board


The Library Board governs the Canmore Public Library in accordance with the provincial Libraries Act. The Board is responsible for hiring the Library Director and setting all the policies and regulations under which the Library Director and staff operate the library. To learn more about the services offered by the library visit for more information or read the Canmore Library Board Legislation.


The Library Board meets in the evening on the fourth Thursday of every month. Meetings are open to the public.   


The Board may consist of no fewer than five and no more than 10 members, a maximum of two may be members of Council. Traditionally, the Canmore Library Board consists of nine public members and one member of Council. The public member term is two or three years, and appointments are made by Council in late October every year. Current members are: 

Public Members

Donna Balmain
Norah Bonsteel
Glynis Carling
Vijay Domingo
Willy Fung
Danielle Liwanag
Chesa Peter
Doreen Saunderson
Darrah Wolfe

Board Members from Council

Councillor Karen Marra


For more information call 403.678.2468 or email