Bylaws Pending Approval

Bylaws Pending Approval

Council gave first reading to Bylaw 2023-22 on September 5, 2023.

The Palliser area represents one of our biggest opportunities to address the housing crisis in Canmore. 

A public hearing is scheduled for October 3, 2023.

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How to Speak at a Public Hearing

If you wish to register to speak at a public hearing please contact the municipal clerk at

If you would like only to watch the hearing, you can link to a livestream broadcast at Live Webcast

Members of the public may make verbal submissions in person at the Canmore Civic Centre or virtually using Zoom. Please register by noon on the business day prior to the public hearing by emailing Anyone who hasn't registered will be permitted to speak only if they are present in the council chambers after registered speakers have been heard. Presentations are limited to five minutes, not including questions of council. 

Written submissions are also welcome and are accepted whether or not a person attends the hearing. Submissions received by the municipal clerk at by 9 a.m. on the Friday before the public hearing will be distributed to council and published on Council Meetings on the same day. Submissions received after the deadline, but before the close of the hearing will be added to the record after the hearing adjourns. All emailed responses will be acknowledged by return email. Digital submissions are encouraged, but submissions can also be mailed or dropped of to the Canmore Civic Centre at 902-7 Avenue, Canmore, AB T1W 3K1. Only one copy of a written submission is required.

Meetings are livestreamed and recorded on YouTube. All written submissions, including the names of those making the submissions, are public documents and are published on our website in the Record of Public Submissions for the public hearing. Please limit the personal information provided. The first and last names of all those who provide submissions, verbal or written, are published in the meeting minutes along with the person's general position on the matter - in favour, opposed, or neutral. By participating in a public hearing, you are consenting to the public release of your name along with your opinion on the matter under consideration.

For more information about the public hearing process visit Public Hearings.