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The next general election is on October 20, 2025

Candidates are responsible for understanding and complying with the provincial law governing election finances and contributions. The information on this page provides a brief summary only. For detailed information visit:

Allowable Campaign Expenses
Campaign expenses include an expense incurred, or non-monetary contribution received, directly related to the promotion or opposition of a candidate during a campaign period. The Local Authorities Election Act sets out the following as eligible campaign expenses:

  • the production of advertising or promotional material,
  • the distribution, broadcast, or publication of advertising or promotional material in any media or by any other means during a campaign period, including by the use of a capital asset,
  • the payment of remuneration and expenses to or on behalf of a person for the person's services as a chief financial officer or in any other capacity,
  • securing a meeting place, or
  • the conduct of opinion polls, survey, or research during a campaign period. 

Self-Funded Campaigns
Candidates may choose to entirely self-fund their campaigns up to a maximum of $10,000.

Campaign Contributions
After a person files nomination papers in the campaign period, the person officially becomes a candidate and may accept contributions of up to $5,000 from any person who is ordinarily a resident in Alberta. Candidates cannot accept contributions from any corporation or unincorporated organization, nor can they accept any anonymous contributions.

Bank Accounts
A candidate must open a bank account in their own name or in the name of the campaign as soon as possible after the total amount of contributions exceeds $1,000, including money from the candidate's own funds.

Records of Contributions and Expenses
Candidates must issue a receipt for every contribution received. For contributions over $50 candidates must record the name and address of the contributor as well as the amount of the contribution for inclusion in the campaign disclosure statements. "In kind" contributions of property, goods, and services must be valued and receipted, but services provided by a volunteer do not need to be included. Candidates must keep their records of contributions and expenses until March 1, 2024.

Campaign Disclosure Statements and Financial Statements
All candidates must submit a campaign disclosure statement and financial statement to the municipality on or before March 1 immediately following the general election even if they had no contributions or expenses. The campaign disclosure statement must be filed whether or not the candidate was elected.

All candidates from the 2021 general election filed statements before the deadline. Copies of the statements are posted below. Personal addresses of individuals have been removed to protect their privacy in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you wish to review the original statements please contact the municipal clerk at municipal.clerk@canmore.ca.  

Reporting an Offence
The Alberta Election Commissioner may investigate any matter that may constitute an offence under Part 5.1 of the Local Authorities Election Act. 

2021 General Election Results

The successful candidates are:
Krausert, Sean  
Mah, Jeff                             
Foubert, Tanya                               
McCallum, Joanna                          
Marra, Karen                    
Hilstad, Jeff                       
Graham, Wade                               
Candidates Total Votes
Krausert, Sean 3125
Sandford, Vi 1346
Laidlaw, Jeff 259
Candidates Total Votes
Mah, Jeff 3281
Foubert, Tanya 2775
McCallum, Joanna 2771
Marra, Karen 2322
Hilstad, Jeff 2245
Graham, Wade 2174
Domingo, Vijay 1988
San Miguel, Jyn 1915
Seeley, Rob 1891
Helder, Hans 1215
Braier, Christoph 951


Voter Turnout

2021: 4,838 people voted out of 12,005 eligible voters. 40%

2017, 4,500 people voted out of 11,000 eligible voters. 41%

2013: 3,350 people voted out of 8,900 eligible voters. 38%


Past Election Results


2017 General Election

2013 General Election

2012 By-Election

2010 General Election

2007 General Election

Election Office
Canmore Civic Centre, 902 7 Avenue
Phone: 403.678.1550, email: municipal.clerk@canmore.ca