Teepee Town Phasing Drawing

We are working on transportation improvement projects in the Bow Valley Trail & Teepee Town areas to enhance how residents move in and within these communities.

Phase 2A (2024 Project) - Bow Valley Trail East and Hospital Place

Work will begin on this phase of the project starting in March 2024. The scope of work includes:

  • Replacement of underground utilities
  • Drainage improvements
  • Construction of separated cycle and pedestrian pathways from Williams Street to Hospital Place

Phase 2B (2027 Project) - 2 Avenue

The scope of work includes:

  • Replacement/rehabilitation of underground utilities
  • Surface improvements (street and sidewalk) on 2 Ave from the end of Phase 2A to 17 Street
  • Raised intersections at 13 St/2 Ave and 15 St/2 Ave
  • Improvements to drainage adjacent to Bow Valley Trail

Future Work

The opportunity to provide feedback on this area took place in February 2023. 

Elk Run Boulevard and Glacier Drive were initially constructed in the 1980's and 1990's, with only minor lifecycle maintenance completed since. The corridor requires replacement of some deep utilities as well as surface lifecycle pavement rehabilitation work.

Current project includes:

  • gathering feedback from the public on use and experiences in the area,
  • developing a concept design,
  • developing a preliminary cost estimate,
  • Concept design and cost estimate will be brought forward as part of the budget process in the fall of 2022 for consideration as a capital project in future years.
  • Future public feedback will be needed on the concept design, once the project is closer to starting construction.

Get Involved

To read a report on what we heard during phase one click here. The timeline for the project has been delayed, as a result the second phase of feedback will take place in late 2023 or early 2024.


If you have a question, please fill out the Contact Engineering Form and a member of the Engineering team will respond to you.

Railway Avenue is a key transportation corridor. It is due for underground utility work and at the same time we will be making sure its design is consistent with the goals set out in the Integrated Transportation Plan. This project has been split into three main sections - Railway Ave South (complete), Railway Ave Central and Railway Ave North.

Goals for the project include:

  • Enable a greater range of transportation options and opportunities for residents and visitors.
  • Apply a functional and recognizable street design that accommodates all modes: walking, cycling, transit, goods movement, private passenger vehicles.
  • Apply best practice guidelines for street design that will enable 40% non-vehicular travel at peak times (summer, long weekends).
  • Facilitate movement of people into the Town Centre and encourage through-traffic and transportation of goods around the Town Centre.

Get Involved - Railway Avenue Central Concept Design Refinement - May 16, 2023
This phase of engagement has concluded, thank you for providing your input. You can find a summary of the engagement and updated concept plans on the engagement page.

Railway Ave Central

Railway Avenue Central is focused around the Main and 10th Street intersections and connects through new pedestrian and cycle facilities to the north and south sections of Railway. Intersections are proposed to be protected, similar to the new intersection at the Shops of Canmore corner on Bow Valley Trail/Railway Avenue.

Updated Concept Designs (after public engagement):

Original Concept Designs (prior to public engagement):

Elevation Place to Main Street - Updated Concept Design

Main Street to 10 Street - Updated Concept Design

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the design consider emergency vehicle access? 
Transportation design engineering is based on current best practices and adheres to professional standards and guidelines. These standards and guidelines include emergency vehicle access requirements. 
How does the design consider snow clearing? 
The designs has been reviewed by the Streets & Roads team to accommodate snow clearing requirements. 
Is the Town of Canmore looking at formal intercept parking lots? 
Yes. 175 stalls of all-day parking were promoted for intercept parking near Elevation Place, including an area of private land configured for parking by Home Hardware. Concept design for an expansion of the Elevation Place parking area has been completed, however there is no planned implementation for this expansion at this time.

We continue to explore other intercept parking options, however we are limited due to the availability of land. 
Do we need new cycle infrastructure, when there is an existing multi-use trail infront of Elevation Place and parallel to the CP track?
The plan focuses on providing infrastructure for all modes of transportation. Overall transportation planning and specific projects such as Railway Avenue are guided by the Town of Canmore's Integrated Transportation Plan, which is focused on creating infrastructure that works for all modes of travel. Improving the overall network, connections, and desire lines are key factors in increasing the attractiveness of active modes. Recently constructed pedestrian, cycle, and public transit infrastructure have resulted in significant increases in usage.  
Will a reduction in lanes results in traffic delays?
In the short-term there will be small increases in delay during busy periods with the new design. However, this is balanced against the longer-term impacts of not addressing our congestion challenges and having increasing delay in the long-term. If we do nothing we will see longer delays and a poor experience for all modes of travel in the future.
Why build cycling infrastructure when most people will not use it in the winter?
We have limited space for the expansion of our transportation network and planning assumes that most trips will be made by personal vehicle. It is not expected that people will switch to cycling in the winter (even though some will choose to with the new infrastructure), it is there to take pressure off the transportation network during our peak periods. 


If you have further questions on this topic, please fill out this form.