Yearly Project Summary

2024 Project Summary

If you missed Mayor Krausert's Community Report, you can view a recording on YouTube here or read a copy of his speaking notes here (140 KB) from his January 2023 presentations.

Many projects were approved in the 2023/2024 Budget and are scheduled to begin this year. The full budget and complete list of projects can be viewed on this webpage.

For a summarized list of all 2023/2024 capital projects, see below.

Here is a summary of some of the ongoing and new 2024 projects that may be of interest to the public (click on the project heading for more detailed information - where it is available):

New Fire Station
Council has approved a new 8-bay fire hall to replace the old fire hall built in the late 1980’s. It will be located along Palliser Trail, at the site just below the cemetery. Design work for the fire hall is nearing completion, with a goal of the building being as close to net zero carbon as possible. Construction of the fire hall is scheduled to take place in 2022-23. 

Cougar Creek
A 34m high embankment dam on Cougar Creek, upstream from the community in under construction. In a flood event, the structure will reduce the flow of water and removes the larger debris from reaching the downstream area of the creek.

Mountain Creek Hazard Mitigation
Another priority is to address unacceptable risks to existing development and ensure safe future development through our Steep Creek Hazard Mitigation Program. Projects this year will significantly reduce community safety risk.  The first one is the design of the long-term debris-flood hazard mitigation of Three Sisters Creek. The preliminary design includes a long offset berm on the east side of the upper channel, and debris management at the golf course pond and at the Three Sisters Parkway. This will complement the project completed in 2018. It will also be compatible with potential future mitigation upgrades required for development of Three Sisters Village. Next is the long-term debris-flood hazard mitigation of  Stone Creek. The project will include detailed design, risk reduction re-assessment, and environmental permitting.

Town Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (Connect Downtown)
Growth of the overall community and increases in visitation have reinforced Canmore’s Town Centre as a vibrant destination and the heart of the community.  A Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan will establish a revised vision and provide the direction necessary to inform land use changes, municipal investments, and upgrades to the area and opportunities for further enhancements by the local business community. This would include an investigation of seasonal or permanent pedestrianization of a portion of Main Street; identifying the impacts, as well as opportunities this would have on operations, the local business community, and the surrounding residential neighbourhoods. 

Main Street Pedestrian Zone 
Council has approved another temporary implementation of a pedestrian-only Main Street in the summer will see enhancements to the space until the Town Centre Area Redevelopment Plan is completed. 

Railway Avenue
Railway Avenue is a key transportation corridor. It is due for major underground utility work to increase the size of the wastewater main, and at the same time we will be making changes to the road design to match the recently completed southern part of the road where it intersects with Bow Valley Trail and becomes Benchlands trail. The scope includes new sidewalks, bicycle facilities, and reconstruction of the intersection at Main Street.  While construction won’t begin until 2024, this project will provide a greater range of transportation options and opportunities for residents and visitors, facilitate movement of people into the Town Centre, and encourage through-traffic and transportation of goods around the Town Centre.

Bow Valley Trail & Teepee Town Transportation Improvements

In 2024 we will be improving the west side of Bow Valley Trail from Williams Street to Hospital Place (highlighted in red as phase 2A on the image). The scope of work for 2023 includes replacement of underground utilities, drainage improvements, and construction of separated cycle and pedestrian pathways. 

Pumphouse 2 -New Water Treatment Plant
One of the biggest projects is replacing the 40-year old Pumphouse 2 with a new Water Treatment Plant and decommissioning the current facility. The new water treatment plant will double the current capacity to support water demand to full community buildout.

External Projects

If you’re looking for information on other development projects happening around Canmore, visit our webpage Current Planning Applications.  

Summary of 2024 Capital Projects

The full budget and complete list of projects can be viewed on this webpage.

Visit RFP and Tender Opportunities to bid on current projects.

Department 2024
Administration, Economic Development, CSD  
Business Transformation 100,000
Main Street Pedestrian Zone 40,000
Property Tax Taskforce 75,000
Indigenous Consultation Support 50,000
Tourism Economic Impact Assessment 40,000
Long Term Financial Strategy Update 100,000
Information Technology  
TownSquare  25,000
Data Center Migration  50,000
CityView  50,000
PC Lifecycle & New Equipment  65,000
IT Infrastructure Lifecycle & New Equipment  50,000
eServices  80,000
Information Security  25,000
Protective Services  
Municipal Enforcement Radio Upgrades 18,000
Elk Run Maintenance Facility Repairs & Maintenance 600,000
EP Condition Assessment and Priority Repairs (2024) 500,000
CRC - Olympia Ice Resurfacer Replacement 195,000
Boom Lift Replacement 100,000
EP - Waterslide Area Repairs 200,000
Recreation Facility Feasability Study 200,000
Engineering - Flood Projects  
Hazard Mitigation Three Sisters Creek Design  
Hazard Mitigation Three Sisters Creek Construction 4,225,000
Hazard Mitigation Stone Creek 500,000
Transportation Safety and Accessibility 150,000
Bridge Asset Management 150,000
Street and Drainage Rehabilitation  1,650,000
Pathway Network Connectivity 865,000
Parking Management Implementation 140,000
Comp St Improv Railway to Main 6,000,000
Public Works  
Climate Emergency Action Plan - Implement 2024 50,000
Human-Wildlife Coexistence - Implement 2024 100,000
Utility Tractor Replacement F-79 280,000
EV Charger Install Town Facilities 40,000
Parks Equipment Lifecycle 2024 31,000
Construction Renovation & Demolition Waste Study and Plan 25,000
Water Utility - SWS  
Container Replacement 2024 150,000
Pedestrian Container Replacement 2024 150,000
3 Tonne Collection Vehicle Replacement 350,000
Water Utility  
WWTP - Odour Control - Construction 2,000,000
Railway Avenue Wastewater Upgrade 1,750,000
Elk Run Sewer Main Replacement - Design 200,000
WWTP - Influent Screen Capacity Upgrade 900,000
Utility Vehicle Replacement (Vactor Truck) 900,000
WWTP Upgrade - Conceptual Design 600,000
Railway Ave Water Line Replacement - Construction Phase 1 (South) 1,800,000
Teepee Town Water Line Upgrade (1 Ave Mountain Ave Laneway) 440,000

Section 534 of the Municipal Government Act states that, within one year of the completion of construction or erection of a public work or structure, the Town of Canmore must deliver or mail notices to every owner of land (owners) abutting land on which the public work or structure is situated. 

Injurious affection is defined as "the permanent reduction in the appraised value of land as a result of the existence, but not the construction, erection or use, of a public work or structure..."

To view of a copy of section 534  pdfclick here (66 KB) .

To view a copy of the 2022 MGA section 534 Public Notice  pdfclick here (61 KB) .


Feb. 1, 2024

Any section 534 claim for compensation must be received by The Town of
Canmore within 60 days after publication of this notice. This notice is not an
admission of liability by The Town of Canmore. Please note that a claim must
be in writing and, at a minimum, state both the amount claimed and the
particulars of the claim.


2023 Projects


Bus Stop Improvement Program

8 Avenue South at Bridge Road

Palliser Trail at Palliser Lane West

Prospect Heights West (south of 101 Three Sisters Drive)

Rundle Drive north (east of Three Sister's Drive)

75 Dyrgas Gate

West Bow River Pathway

West bank of Bow River between Bridge Road and Van Horne

Canmore Fire Station

1200 Steward Road

Fire Station Topsoil Stockpile Management

1200 Steward Road

Scout Hall Repairs & Maintenance

914 8 Street

Lions Park Tennis Redevelopment

15 Street

Lions Park Playground

15 Street

Lady MacDonald Playground

Moraine Road / Lady MacDonald Drive


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Town of Canmore
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