Vision and Mission

Organizational Vision

We are an organization of bold leaders committed to people development, social justice, community building, and protecting our natural environment and responding to climate change.


Serving the community to enhance our quality of life.

Community Vision

Canmore is a resilient and vibrant community socially, economically, and environmentally. Its strength is in its resourceful and engaged citizens, who thrive together on the strength of the community’s heritage, long-term commitment to the diversity of its people, and health of the mountain landscape. 

This vision results in a future Canmore that is:

  • A place defined by its character and distinct identity anchored in the mountain surroundings and mining history.
  • An accessible, welcoming and inclusive community that supports its diverse population with a variety of housing opportunities.
  • A place that supports an array of social services, and abundant open space and opportunities for recreation and artistic expression.
  • A community that acknowledges and works within the limits imposed by its geography and ecologic capacity, and that supports a built environment that respects the natural environment.
  • A leader in social, economic and environmental initiatives that work towards ensuring future generations enjoy the same opportunities and quality of life.
  • A community that builds off its economic strengths as an attractive tourist destination and through diversification creates a resilient economy.
  • A community that is continuously evolving and adapting to a changing world while maintaining its distinct identity. 


The vision was established in the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which guides the community on its path toward greater sustainability by integrating the community’s vision with municipal planning and decision-making. The MDP addresses environmental, economic, social, cultural, and governance aspects of the community from a land use and development perspective, and applies equally to both private and municipal lands and interests.

The MDP sets the Town of Canmore’s overall policy direction for community land use decisions, and all planning documents such as area structure plans and the land use bylaw are aligned with it. The MDP also provides direction to  Council to help prioritize initiatives for capital projects, strategic planning, and budgeting.

The Town of Canmore formally adopted a community-based vision titled Mining the Future (MTF) in 2006. After extensive public involvement with the residents of Canmore, Council adopted Signposts to Sustainability (S2S) in 2010. The Signposts to Sustainability document builds upon the values and principles of the Mining the Future vision and identifies strategic directions to guide community change and development in Canmore to meet current and future needs. This history and commitment to continued public engagement, combined with a long-standing community responsibility to protecting the environment and encouraging strategic growth, has led to the creation of this MDP.

The key elements that form the framework of this MDP include the community vision statement, foundational values, guiding principles, and supporting key strategies.