Community Code of Conduct

The Civility Project

Canmore is a place where citizens are passionate about the community and are willing to express their thoughts and opinions.

Over the past four decades, change has been the one constant in the community. The anxiety and concern felt about change today echoes similar sentiments that residents had in the 1990s about how quickly the town was growing. Today, the community is facing divisive issues that often spark emotions and tempers.

Given the erosion of civil discourse that’s happening around the world and on social media, it may simply be a sign of our times that there is a growing movement towards angry and negative public dialogue. However, this does not make it acceptable. 

The Town of Canmore values people as the corporation’s and community’s greatest asset and, in keeping with this, is committed to ensuring our people are treated fairly and respectfully. We will address disrespectful behavior directly with those who display it. Not only will we ensure that the public and visitors to our community and facilities are informed of the expectations for the behaviour and treatment of employees, but employees will also promote and display the type of behavior that will bring more civility to our community. Staff and council continually renew their commitment to displaying the type of behavior that will bring more civility to our community and treating residents with respect and fairness. 

The Town of Canmore knows that the public may not always agree with decisions and polices; there will always be residents who are dissatisfied with how the community is managed. We value diversity of opinions, and welcome constructive input.  A difference in viewpoints can often lead to creative solutions, or at the very least, a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.  As well, complaints can be resolved with mutual understanding and respect.   

Our vision for the community is:

  1. Residents feel their opinions and constructive input has been respectfully heard and understood.
  2. All Town of Canmore employees, elected officials, volunteers, contractors, and business partners are treated respectfully, fairly and with honesty and dignity when undertaking work with and on behalf of the Town.
  3. Town employees and residents have the desire to understand the issues the community is facing and are active participants in finding solutions that benefit the whole community.

Let’s be part of a community where we can engage in a civil dialogue, be honest and constructive, deal with issues (instead of criticizing people), and engage in respectful behavior. We are all seeking the greater good for our community.

As outlined in the Respectful Workplace Policy, any conduct that contravenes these principles will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken to address and disrespectful behaviour.  

Examples of such behaviours include, but are not limited to; coercion, intimidation, humiliation, bullying, abuse of authority;  yelling or shouting (unnecessarily); causing vandalism or destruction to the property of the Town or any of its employees; any gesture, act or statement that gives an individual reasonable cause to believe that there is a risk of injury to themselves, another person or property; any statement, written, visual or verbal, that is reasonably interpreted by a person to be menacing or taunting in nature; violent acts that cause, or may cause, physical harm or significant emotional distress to any other person; unwelcome behaviours or jokes that are degrading, offensive, demeaning, embarrassing, or insulting.

Members of the public can expect to be treated with respect. In return, the public, visitors to Town of Canmore facilities, and individuals conducting business with the Town of Canmore, are expected to treat the Town of Canmore’s employees and representatives respectfully.  This includes refraining from inappropriate behaviour towards Town of Canmore employees, elected officials, volunteers, contractors and business partners.  If inappropriate behaviour occurs, the Town of Canmore will take appropriate action to ensure a respectful workplace.  This could include barring individuals from accessing Town of Canmore facilities and people, legal action, and/or discontinuing business with contractors or suppliers.

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