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Application Processing Times

This timeline is updated on business days at 4 p.m. Application processing includes system entry and fee payment. We are processing applications that were submitted on:

June 2, 2023

Application Review Times*

For applications obtaining a decision in the months of February 2023, March 2023, April 2023

Application review includes assignment to a file manager, technical review and decision. Once your file is assigned, the file manager will reach out to you to provide you with an update on the review timeline for your application.

The Average Review Times below are in calendar days and are updated monthly and are based on the average review times for permits issued within the previous three months. It is a snapshot from a customer perspective from the time an application is submitted to the time an applicant obtains a decision.

This data includes the time staff is waiting for applicants to resubmit drawings or address deficiencies and is not a sole reflection of how much time is spent by staff reviewing applications

NOTE: Depending on the nature and completeness of your application, the turnaround time of your application may take less or more days than what is listed.

Average Review Time Total # of Files
Stamp of Compliance
Review times ranged from 4 – 42 days based on completeness and compliance level.
27.4 days 34

Development Permits
Average Review Time Total # of Files
Low Density Residential (i.e. Detached Dwellings, ADUs, Duplexes, Sheds, Decks and Additions)
53 days 6
Medium-High Density Residential, Commercial and Industrial  101.6 days 7
Tourist Homes, B&Bs, Home Occupancy
Review times ranged from 10 – 95 days based on completeness.
12.6 days 8
Signs  15.5 days 10
Commercial Change of Use 113.3 days 6
Building Permits
Average Review Time Total # of Files
Low-Density Residential (i.e. Detached Dwellings, ADUs, Duplexes, Sheds, Decks and Additions) 
Review times ranged from 10 – 148 days based on completeness.
36.1 days 14
Medium-High Density Residential, Commercial and Industrial

84.8 days


Factors that affect the review times posted:

  • Number of permits that obtained a decision within a given period
  • The completeness of the applications that obtained a decision within a given period

*If the number of applications within a given period is less than five, no review time will be posted, as the number can become heavily skewed by outliers within such a small dataset.

Application Review Times last updated on May 4, 2023.

How Can We Help You Today?

What is the zoning of my property?
To find out what land use district your property is located within, please use our Online Property Information Tool and follow the instructions below:
On the “Layer List” found on the right of your screen, click “Land Use Districts”
Type the address of the property in the search bar at the top
The red letters within the thick black boundary surrounding the property, is the Land Use District*
* You may have to Zoom Out by clicking the minus sign beside the search bar to see the applicable Land Use District
What kind of development is allowed in my zoning?
To find out what type of development is either permitted or discretionary within your designated land use district, please consult the Land Use Bylaw. Uses are listed at the top of the page for each zone.
When do I need a building permit?
A Building Permit is needed for the construction of a building, the renovation or addition to a building, and for any change in the type of occupancy of the building.
A Building Permit is also required for:
Demolition (as per the 2019 National Building Code Alberta Edition)
Retaining walls over 1.2 meters in height
Swimming pools or hot tubs
Tents (temporary or permanent, used for commercial purposes that are greater than 60m2 in area)
When do I NOT need a building permit?
A building permit is not required for the following activities:
Re-insulating or adding insulation if using the same type of insulation as was previously installed.
Painting, decorating, re-roofing or re-siding*.
Maintenance work on roofs or upgrading roofs**.  
Construction that does not exceed five thousand dollars ($5000) in total prevailing market value*.
Construction of an accessory building or structure less than 10m2 (~107 ft2) in area and located on a temporary foundation. 
The replacement or alteration of ducting serving a space heating appliance in a detached residential dwelling and where there is no design change required to the heating and ventilation system.
Repair or replacement of plumbing fixtures
Window or door replacement, except where the opening is being enlarged
*If matters affecting health and safety are not at risk and there is no structural change to the building.
** Due to fire risk in Canmore, homes in the Town require roofs be constructed of non-combustible or fire-retardant materials with a minimum Class B fire rating. 

Visit Building Permits for more information.
What permits do I need to obtain for occupancy or for electrical, gas, and plumbing installations?
If the project you are proposing to undertake involves electrical, gas or plumbing work, you will need to obtain the relevant permits from an accredited agency. For a list of agencies that are accredited to issue electrical, gas and plumbing permits and to monitor compliance in Canmore, please go to Building Inspections & Occupancy
I want to put up a new sign, what permits do I need?
To find out more about signage application requirements, please go to Signage Standards and Regulations. An informational guide is available to step new applicants through what elements should be considered prior to submitting an application for signage.
I want to build a deck, what permits do I need?
More information on building a deck on your property is available here.
I want to build a fence, what permits do I need?
More information on building a fence on your property is available pdf here (1.26 MB) .
I want to build an accessory building (shed, workshop, etc.), what permits do I need?
More information on building accessory buildings on your property is available pdf here (660 KB) .
I want to install solar panels, what permits do I need?
More information on installing solar panels on your property is available pdf here (602 KB) .
I want to provide input at a public hearing
 For information about public hearings, visit Public Hearings. For a list of upcoming public hearings or pending bylaws, visit Bylaws Pending Approval

Have a Question?

Please fill out this form and a member of our team will get back to you within five business days. Planning staff will not be available at the Civic Centre for in-person inquiries.

Application Submission

The Planning and Development Department is now totally digital. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

All application forms for development or building permits and the associated plans or drawings must be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All drawings must be submitted in metric units. Upon receipt of the application, a member of our team will follow up to arrange for payment. Please do not submit files using Dropbox.

Applications will not be assigned for review until payment has been received. Once your application has been assigned to a member of our team for review, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the assigned file manager. 

Development permit form and requirements can be found here.

Building permit form and requirements can be found here.

Requesting a pre-application consultation?

For pre-application information and forms please visit our Other Services page here.

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