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2015 Draft Municipal Development Plan

Fact or Fiction?  How to make sense of the draft Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

Recently a newsletter has been circulating around town titled “Changing Canmore’s Municipal Development Plan”.  This document was not created by the Town and is not accurate and is misleading.  

Seniors, businesses, young families, council, and many others in our community have identified affordability and affordable housing as the biggest issue and priority for our community. The current draft of the MDP is trying to acknowledge and address these issues. The MDP is not perfect. It is a draft and Town council and administration are soliciting feedback as we are interested in having a civil, fact based dialogue on how we best work together to address affordability, affordable housing, and other issues facing our community. What is needed is a respectful and honest dialogue about how best to grapple with difficult issues in our community.


What is an MDP?


The MDP is a broad plan that addresses issues varying from development of new areas to infrastructure planning and civic engagement.

What is the timeline for giving input?

Council and Administration have heard feedback from the open houses, surveys, and public consultation on the MDP to date.  In response to the information gathered through the public engagement, Council will be considering changes to the MDP process at their regular business meeting on October 6.   Any updates or changes will be provided after the Council meeting.

To see the draft MDP and for more information - click here or go to www.canmore.ca/mdp