Welcome to the Town of Canmore!

This is the official website for the municipality and contains everything you need to know about municipal matters for the Town of Canmore. The website also contains information about Canmore’s sustainability efforts, our history, our amazing natural environment, and some general information about living and playing in Canmore.


Groundwater and river levels are on the rise

Rain and warm temperatures are causing the Bow River and our groundwater levels to rise. Residents and businesses who have historically had issues with groundwater in basements and/or crawl spaces should start to check these areas regularly and be prepared to respond to issues on private property. Property owners should notify their insurance companies if they experience flooding.

If you experience water in your basement, please DO NOT pump water into the sewer system, that means not in the boulevard, street, or any indoor plumbing. Pumped water should go in to a low point in your yard, away from the building foundation.

If you experience sewage in your basement, please call your insurance company and a restoration contractor. It could be unsafe for you to handle this material on your own.

In addition, please use caution in or around the Bow River as the channels were changed during the flood last year and currently the water is murky, rising, and flowing fast.