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Council Clips – June 6, 2023

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Housing Action Plan Approved
As a first step in applying for the federally funded Housing Accelerator Fund, Council approved an action plan to positively impact the housing crisis in Canmore, encourage long-term occupancy of existing housing stock, encourage an increase in rental supply, and create a sustainable source of funding to support affordable housing. To accomplish these objectives, Council directed administration to return to Council with a proposal to phase out Tourist Homes, propose tax policy options to incentivise purpose-built rental and full-time occupancy of residential units, investigate changes to residential districts to provide additional housing supply, propose options to consider infill or missing middle housing opportunities in established neighbourhoods, and explore options to eliminate single detached dwellings as a use under the Land Use Bylaw. For specific information, see item H1 in today’s agenda package or watch the video of the meeting here: Town of Canmore - Agendas, Minutes & Videos

Fireworks Banned
Fireworks have been part of local community celebrations for many years, especially Canada Day and New Year’s Eve.  However, fireworks disturb animals as well as being a potential fire hazard.  As Council has a strategic goal of being an environmental leader and an obligation to keep the community safe, Council has banned fireworks in Canmore with a minimum penalty of $5,000 per occurrence. However, events approved by the Town of Canmore can still deliver low-impact fireworks July 1, Dec. 31, or Jan. 1. Note there are no fireworks planned for Canada Day 2023. For a list of all Canada Day events, visit Canada Day in Canmore

Zoning Changed for 231 and 233 Three Sisters Drive 

Council approved Bylaw 2023-02, which redesignates two parcels from R2 to R2A to allow for development of townhouses instead of just duplexes. Council saw this application and the potential of up to 12 smaller units as a creative step towards solving our housing crisis. For more info, visit Town of Canmore - 231 & 233 Three Sisters Drive Land Use Amendment 

Zoning Changed for Trinity Bible Church Direct Control District 

Council approved Bylaw 2022-14, which redesignates a parcel of land, located at 105 Harvie Heights Road, from Conservation of Wildlands District to a Direct Control District to allow the Trinity Bible Church to develop a religious institution on the site. Council also added “Daycare” as a discretionary use to this district. For more info, visit Town of Canmore - 105 Harvie Heights Road 

Amendments Approved for 800 3 Ave (Palliative Care) 

Council approved MDP and LUB amendments for 800 3 Ave, which proposes up to five detached homes and a new hospicefacility on the site. The applicant revised their application based on the specific motions made by council at first reading. To read a full summary of the motions and changes made, see item G3 in today’s council agenda package. 

Council also:

  • Directed administration to review the recommendations from the Downtown Canmore BIA for the downtown paid parking program and return with any recommended changes to the program no later than Oct 3.
  • Amended the Finance Committee Bylaw and the Procedural Bylaw to address issues discussed in a workshop with Council including amending a published agenda, questions from the public, points of order, and electronic meeting attendance.  When the report was originally brought to Council in April of this year, Council chose to postpone the item until all members of Council could be present and a review by an independent governance expert was complete.  The changes to both the Procedural Bylaw and the Finance Committee Bylaw are based on that review and other Council amendments. 
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