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Council Clips - November 7, 2023

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Housing Action Updates

1. Council Approves Palliser Trail Area Structure Plan

Council gave their blessing to the Palliser Trail ASP - a monumental plan led by the Town of Canmore to create a complete, walkable, mixed-use, and sustainable community capable of offering up to 1,000 non-market units that can meet the needs of residents. For details, visit: Plans: Town of Canmore

2. Advocacy Regarding Housing Debt

Council directed Mayor Krausert to advocate to the Government of Alberta to not include debt taken by a municipality for the purposes of financing affordable housing development in the calculation of debt that is subject to the municipal debt limit. If the debt financing for housing were not counted towards the municipal debt limit, more housing projects could be done concurrently.

3. Purpose-Built Rental Units Coming to 900 Railway Avenue

Council heard from a delegation proposing to build 59 purpose-built rental apartments at 900 Railway Avenue. The delegation requested a municipal property tax exemption, so long as the units remain rental. Council directed administration to exempt the property from 75% of the municipal portion of property taxes for 10 years, provided it remains a rental property with at least 95% of the units rented to residents of Canmore.

More information on this development at 900 Railway Avenue can be found here: Current Planning Applications: Town of Canmore


Good news for your nose: Waste Water Treatment Plant Odour Controls

Council approved odor control measures for the Waste Water Treatment Plant to tackle the unpleasant smell emanating from the plant during the summer months. Despite the facility being within capacity, factors such as changes in wind patterns and warmer weather have caused an increase in foul odors in certain parts of our community. Following recommendations stemming from a monitoring program this summer, we will be implementing a process to extract sulfur from the material and will continue to monitor to see if additional action is required. We expect that the solution will be in place this spring so we can focus on smelling the roses!

Council also:

  1. Approved a new FireSmart project, funded through grants.
  2. Approved funding from the Development Application Reserve for a 14-month term position for a permit clerk in the Planning Department to support the implementation of CityView online.
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