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Council Clips - June 4, 2024

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Fireworks Update

Council approved a Fireworks Ban and Fire Bylaw Amendment. The amending bylaw removes the exemption that was in place for the Town of Canmore to use fireworks on Canada Day and New Year's Eve (NYE). The exemption for NYE will start in 2025, allowing more time to research potential alternatives for the NYE show. A number of alternatives were discussed including drone shows, laser light shows and increased cultural programming, which will be discussed further during fall budget deliberations.

Human Wildlife Co-Existence Update

Council amended the Community Standards Bylaw today, updating fines for a few items. The updates include adding a new Section 55.1. (No Person or Owner shall permit or allow a Wildlife Attractant to be placed or remain in an outdoor location where it attracts Dangerous Wildlife) with fine amounts of $1,000 for first offence, $5,000 for second offence and $10,000 for third and subsequent offences , and an increase to Section 57 (No Person shall feed, attempt to feed, or permit the feeding of Wildlife) from $250 for first offence, $500 for second offence and $1000 for third and subsequent offences to $1000 for the first offence.

Political Campaign Signs

Council gave first reading to a Land Use Bylaw Amendment, which removes political campaign signs and scheduled a public hearing for July 2. A Political Campaign Sign Bylaw will be brought forward at the July 2 meeting, which will provide greater clarity to candidates running in any election that signs are only to be placed on private property. Learn more at

Council also:

  1. Amended the Traffic and Road Use Bylaw to help achieve greater compliance with the paid parking program at Quarry Lake and to give Peace Officers another enforcement tool to address illegal camping in vehicles in Canmore when there is a large number of offences observed or the occupants refuse to open their door and speak with a Peace Officer.

  2. Approved a new 2024 capital project for Off-Site Levy Bylaw litigation for $500,000, to be funded from the General Capital Reserve. 

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