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Council Clips - February 13, 2024

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Housing Action - 100 Palliser Lane

Moving housing forward in the Palliser area! Council approved a transfer of $864,500 from the Vital Homes Reserve to Canmore Community Housing to for use as working capital for the 100 Palliser Lane Vital Homes development. Learn more about the project: Projects | CANMORE COMMUNITY HOUSING (

Greenhouse Gas Incentive Programs

Council heard about five incentive programs that the Town of Canmore will offer in 2024 through the Sustainability Reserve to help residents and businesses reduce energy and fuel costs while also reducing our community’s impact on our environment. These financial incentives are in addition to the existing Clean Energy Improvement Program, an innovative financing tool for Canmore residents to make their homes more energy efficient without an upfront cost.

Two of the programs this year, the E-Bike Discount and the Home Upgrades Program are specifically targeted at members of the Affordable Services Program to reduce barriers for Canmore residents with the highest financial need. Program details will be available at Incentive Programs: Town of Canmore soon.

Future of Fireworks

Council continued their conversation around the future of fireworks. Council directed administration to report back on the following matters:

  1. Alternatives to having fireworks on Canada Day and New Year’s Eve.

  2. Increasing fines for those shooting rogue fireworks.

Council also:

  1. Gave first reading to an Off-Site Levy Bylaw Amendment. Read more here: Bylaws Pending Approval: Town of Canmore

  2. Gave first reading to Revised Land Use Bylaw Amendment 2023-33 Direct Control Districts and scheduled a public here for March 5. Read more here: Bylaws Pending Approval: Town of Canmore

  3. Heard an update on 2023 property assessment data.

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