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Tree Removal in Centennial Park on Aug. 14, 2023

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Please note that Alpine Precision is removing five large spruce trees suffering from heart rot in Centennial Park on Monday, Aug. 14. The treed area of the park, and potentially the playground will be closed during this time. The sports field and paved path through the park will remain open.

We have been monitoring this stand for the past years, they show signs of heart rot and its time for them to come down for public safety.

Once felled, the wood will be bucked into large 1ft lengths and left in the angled parking stall by Stan Rogers Stage for residents to take home, free of charge. Please do not arrive and take wood while work is taking place for your safety. 

We know our residents love our trees. That's way, this fall, we will plant additional trees in Centennial Park to ensure that we always have green space for present and future generations to enjoy.



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