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Protecting Our Forests - Mountain Pine Beetle Tree Removal

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Mountain Pine Beetle fell and burning is in progress
Mountain Pine Beetle fell and burning is in progress

See smoke in the air? We are working to remove trees that are infested by Mountain Pine Beetle to keep our forests alive and reduce the threat of wildfire. Felling and burning will take place in the Canmore area between Dec. 14 and Jan. 7.

The mountain pine beetle is a destructive insect that primarily infests and kills lodgepole pine trees.  Fell and burn operations, which involve cutting down and burning the infested trees, are important for several reasons:

  • Controlling the beetle population: removing and burning the infested trees helps prevent further spread of the infestation to healthy trees.
  • Preventing wildfires: Infested trees often die and become highly flammable. The needles and dry wood create a fuel source for wildfires, which can quickly spread and cause extensive damage to the surrounding forest. Fell and burn operations help eliminate these potential fire hazards.
  • Protecting forest health: Mountain pine beetle infestation can have long-term negative effects on forest health and ecosystem dynamics. By removing the infested trees, we can mitigate the ecological impacts and promote the regeneration of new, healthy trees.

We collaborate with the Province of Alberta to effectively treat infested Mountain Pine Beetle trees in the Bow Valley. You may notice smoke or fire in forested areas within our community. Please do not report and stay clear of the area for your safety. 

Questions? Contact us at 403.678.1599. 



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