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Apply Now for Climate Action Incentives

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The Solar Incentive Program Returns
The Solar Incentive Program Returns

Our mountain environment is important to our community.

This year, we are proud to offer five incentive programs to help residents and businesses reduce energy and fuel costs while also reducing our community’s impact on our environment. These programs are in addition to the existing Clean Energy Improvement Program, an innovative financing tool for Canmore residents to make their homes more energy efficient and invest in renewable technologies without an upfront cost.

Our Climate Action Incentive Programs accelerate our climate action targets. They are funded by the Sustainability Reserve, which comes from a portion of franchise fees paid to the Town by ATCO and Fortis.

Two of our programs this year, the E-Bike Discount and the Home Upgrades Program are specifically targeted at members of our Affordable Services Program to reduce barriers for Canmore residents with the highest financial need Do you qualify?

Are you interested in reducing your greenhouse gas emissions while keeping money in your pocket? Apply now!



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