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Council Clips - March 5, 2024

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Off-Site Levy Bylaw Amendment

Off-site levies are charges issued by municipalities to developers, as a condition of development, which help pay for infrastructure growth in a community. Off-site levies must by authorized by council, through the adoption of a bylaw.

Today, Council approved amendments to the Off-Site Levy Bylaw. After hearing concerns from the development community around the cost-sharing splits of some of the projects in the bylaw, administration reviewed the concerns, and made changes to the cost-sharing split of one project. The municipality must balance the needs of existing rate-payers with new development, which this amended bylaw achieves.

Labour Market Recruitment and Retention Strategy

In 2021, the COVID Recovery Taskforce recommended that a Labour Marker Recruitment and Retention Strategy be developed. Today, Council was presented with recommendations in eight focus areas to address labour market shortages within Canmore and accepted the Labour Market Recruitment and Retention Strategy for planning purposes. You can read the strategy in today's agenda package (item H-1): Council Meetings: Town of Canmore

Future of Election Signage

Changes to election signage are coming! Council directed administration to prepare a new Election Sign Bylaw that restricts political campaign signs to private property.

Human Wildlife Coexistence Implementation and Action Plan

In the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, Council set ambitious priorities to take action to reduce wildlife encounters. To advance these efforts, Council adopted a Human Wildlife Coexistence Implementation and Action Plan that provides a road map to implement key actions and recommendations that are under the direct control or influence of the Town, including removing fruit-bearing trees, public education, and increasing the enforcement and fine amount for bylaw violations relating to off-leash dogs.

Council also amended the scope of the Implementation Plan to account for some of the recommended actions within the approved capital budget, including increased capacity of the residential fruit tree removal program for 2024.

Animal Control Bylaw

Council approved a new Animal Control Bylaw, which better addresses the licensing and control of animals in line with community priorities and expectations. The bylaw addresses responsible pet ownership and regulations by implementing limitations on how many animals are permitted in a dwelling unit, provides clarity around owner’s responsibilities if their animal is involved in an attack or bite incident, and increases the fine amounts related to animals at large, prohibited, or involved in a chase or attack on wildlife or persons.

Council also:

  1. Accepted the Management Recommendations and Implementation Plan for the Lower Silvertip Wildlife Corridor for planning purposes.

  2. Approved the Town's participation in the Alberta Community Partnership grant funded project for an Integrated Emergency Response Framework for mass violence, mass casualty and mass fatality incidents.

  3. Updated the Tree Protection Bylaw to exempt fruit trees.

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