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Council Clips - January 10, 2023

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Residency Requirement for Five Units as Part of Lawrence Grassi Middle School Site Redevelopment
As a condition for the transfer of a narrow strip of Town of Canmore land bisecting the Canadian Rockies Public Schools Board’s (CRPS) land on the Lawrence Grassi Middle School site, five units will be purchased by Canmore Community Housing (CCH) with the Town of Canmore covering the costs until funds are recovered through the sale of the property through CCH’s new program. The new program will include some form of future resale price restriction along with the residency requirement. Approximately 120 units are being proposed as part of the development with ~80 units to be sold to the market (five of which can be purchased by CCH for the new pilot residency program, ~20 units to be sold to CCH for Vital Homes, and ~20 units to be used for employee housing. 

Proposal to Send Property Tax Notices and Assessment Notices By Email
Property owners could have a secure and confidential option to receive their property tax notices, assessment notices, and Canmore Assessment Review Board documents electronically, where possible, per the opportunity granted the under the Municipal Government Act. Providing property owners with a paperless option for these documents would allow for more timely and accessible retrieval of their notices as well as a more environmentally friendly option of communication and reduce costs. For those who choose not to enroll in paperless notifications, they will continue to receive their notices by hardcopy in the mail as the default. 

Borrowing for 2023 and 2024 Capital Projects
Council gave first reading to six bylaws intended to approve the borrowing of funds for the following:

  1. Water Treatment Plant 2 – Replacement and Capacity Upgrade Construction
  2. Bow Valley Trail Wastewater Upgrade – Phase 2
  3. Bow Valley Trail Wastewater Upgrade – Phase 3
  4. Bow Valley Trail Water Upgrade – Phase 2
  5. Railway Avenue Wastewater Upgrade
  6. Wastewater Treatment Plant – Influent Screen Capacity Upgrade 

Council also heard:

  • Fleet Services will repurpose a 2011 vehicle instead of leasing a new vehicle, saving ~$18K over the next two years. 
  • The 2022 Report to the Community which summarizes the successes of Council’s 2019 – 2022 Strategic priorities. 
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