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Council Clips - February 28, 2023

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Concerns With Potential New Heliport in MD of Bighorn
Council directed Mayor Krausert to voice concerns to the MD of Bighorn and the provincial and federal
governments with respect to locating any new heliport in close proximity to the Town of Canmore.

Land Use Bylaw Amended to Redesignate Lands
After a public hearing today, and considering other options, Council approved amendment 2022-07 to redesignate the Staircase Lands for Future Development (discretionary use under Future Development include: accessory building, agriculture, outdoor athletic and recreational facility, campground, open space, public building). This is to comply with the Alberta Court of Kings Bench order for the Town of Canmore to commence proceedings to either acquire the upper triangle of the Staircase Lands Council or redesignate it. The Staircase Lands are a smaller parcel of land privately owned by Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Ltd. (TSMVPL), located along Three Sisters Drive, between Peaks Drive and the access road to Quarry Lake. The order applies to the upper portion closest to the Quarry Lake access road currently zoned Natural Park District (the lower two parcels are already designated Future Development). TSMVPL has declined the Town of Canmore’s offer to purchase the upper triangle of the Staircase Lands for the purpose of implementing the above court decision. 

Land Use Bylaw Amended to Allow Offices
After a public hearing today, Council approved amendment 2022-24 to allow for the consideration of Offices (above the ground floor) on all IND 2 District properties – previously they were only allowed in the industrial area east of Elk Run Boulevard. 

Update on Construction in Cougar Creek 
The Cougar Creek Debris Retention Structure project is currently partially complete, but approximately two and a half years behind schedule. Following a dispute process, Council directed administration to negotiate and execute a without-cause termination, settlement and release agreement respecting the contract with Flatiron Construction Canada, dated June 23, 2020, and report back to council with a plan for project completion. This is a priority project, protecting lives, property, critical facilities, utilities, and national transportation infrastructure. The Town of Canmore is committed to using all tools available to remedy the situation and complete the project. 

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