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Rates & Water Meters

Water Meter Installation & Removal Request for NEW BUILDS and DEMOLITIONS


Town of Canmore utility bills are issued on a bi-monthly (every 2 months) basis and are due as per the due date listed on the invoice.

 Utility Bill Rates

The following chart shows rates for a single-family residence
(15mm meter size)


Fixed (Base) Rates/Bi-Monthly Bill  2022 Rates  2023 Rates
Recycling $ 33.02 $ 34.68
Solid Waste $ 37.64 $ 39.54
Metered Water $ 40.34 $ 44.24
Wastewater $ 81.94 $ 82.16
Bi-Monthly Base Rate $ 192.94 $ 200.62
Rate Per Cubic Meter (m3) Consumed    
Metered Water* $ 0.937 $ 1.032
Wastewater* $ 1.902 $ 1.917
Total rate/m3 consumed $ 2.839 $ 2.949

Incline Block Rate: Residential consumption above 47 m3 per billing cycle is billed at a 20% surcharge.

Metered Water for consumption above 47m3 $ 1.124 $ 1.238
Wastewater for consumption above 47m3 $ 2.283 $ 2.300
Total rate/m3 above 47m3 $ 3.407 $ 3.538

1 cubic meter = 1,000 litres = 220 imperial gallons = 264 US gallons


*We do not meter water and wastewater separately. You are charged on the amount of water consumed – that is, water coming into your home through your meter. Although not metered separately, water and wastewater charges are shown as separate items on the bills as a visual reminder that there are considerable costs involved in processing wastewater and returning it to the Bow River watershed in essentially the same condition as we received it.

Late Payment Penalties
A 1.5% penalty will be applied to any outstanding utility account balances if not paid by the 25th day of each month (or next business day if the 25th is a weekend or holiday). If there is a balance owing on an account, any payment will be applied first to penalties, and then to the outstanding balance.

Unpaid utility accounts risk transfer of arrears to the property tax account. Please contact the Utility Department if you would like to discuss payment options. 

How are meter readings obtained?
Utility readings are obtained through a remote reading device located on the outside of the home.  As per the Utility Bylaw every home is required to have a remote reading device in order to ensure an accurate meter reading.  If a remote reading device has not been installed contact the Utility Department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 403.678.7134) for further information.

What if it’s not possible to install a remote reading device or a reading cannot be taken?
In this case a meter reading tag will be left on your door and you will have to read the meter yourself and inform us of this by calling the phone number indicated on the tag. If a meter reading tag has been left at your door, please call in your meter reading no later than the second last working day of the month in order for us to receive the information in time for that month’s billing. A meter reading can be left at this number 24 hours a day – 403.609.6400. Please provide your name, telephone and utility account number plus meter reading number.

If an accurate meter reading cannot be obtained we will estimate your usage on your next utility bill. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the Town of Canmore is able to get an accurate meter reading either by allowing unhindered access to the remote reading device or phoning in the meter reading on a regular basis.  Accurate meter readings allow the homeowner to be aware of their water consumption patterns and identify any leaks on a timely basis.

Homeowners are responsible for all water consumption even in the case of leaks.

What does my meter look like and how do I find it?
Water meters are always located inside the home (so they don’t freeze). It is often installed near the water shut off valve, sometimes located in a furnace room or mechanical room. This is what the meter looks like: